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Robert Juliat Cin'k Fresnels for London's Royal Opera House

Robert Juliat Cin'k Fresnels for London's Royal Opera House

cink326l-no-barndoor-small.pngLondon's world-famous Royal Opera House has expanded its extensive HMI lighting stock by investing in Robert Juliat Cin'k 326 LFV 2.5K HMI Fresnels.

Robert Juliat Cin'k Fresnels are available with interchangeable lamp bases offering a choice of 1200W or 2500W HMI and 2500W or 5000W tungsten light sources, but Royal Opera House Senior Lighting Manager, Nick Ware, particularly specified the HMI model.

“The HMI Cin'k Fresnel is ideal because the Royal Opera House already has in its possession a large number of Robert Juliat D'Artagnan 2500W HMI profiles,” explains Ware. “The Cin'ks replace our old HMI Fresnels which were becoming worn out and obsolete, so finding spare parts for them was becoming increasingly difficult. But the Cin'ks use the same ballasts, header cables and many spare parts as our D'Artagnans which streamlines stock control and makes maintenance easy.”

The new Cin'k Fresnels were chosen predominantly for use in the Opera House where they are employed on a show specific basis, installed over the orchestra pits on side booms and in full view of the audience.

“Because of their prominent position, it was important that the replacements should look good as well as perform well,” says Ware. “Unlike the previous fixtures, the Cin'k body is black with considerably less light leak, especially between the shutters and the body of the lantern. So viewed from front of house they are aesthetically more pleasing than the old models they replaced.

“We also no longer have the considerable problem of backward reflection off shutters and scrollers which, previously, was very uncomfortable for the audience seated behind them. Temporary and unsightly solutions involving black wrap and tape had never been an ideal solution (and occasionally led to burnt technicians!). But we are delighted to report the Cin'k fixtures are well sealed with virtually no light leak from the back.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the new Cin'ks and the way they fit in with the rest of our rig. We have tungsten effects projectors which are housed in the same body as the Cin'k Fresnel, whilst the Cin'k's interchangeable lamp base, with the 5K tungsten option, presents a very attractive alternative.”

Robert Juliat Cin'k Fresnels come complete with double, fan-cooled, colour runners, and the unique Robert Juliat barndoor system of individually rotating leaves that enable light to be masked or directed into almost any position.

The RJ Cin'k 326 LFV Fresnels were supplied to the Royal Opera House by Robert Juliat's exclusive UK distributor, White Light.

For more information on Robert Juliat HMI, tungsten and LED lighting products, visit

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