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Robert Juliat at the Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts

Robert Juliat at the Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts

JuliatRobert Juliat China, Chinese branch of the world renowned range of lighting products from Robert Juliat France, are very pleased to have supplied a large quantity of high quality Robert Juliat equipment to the Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts.

The equipment list, as recommended by RJ China's Sales Manager Jamie Boey, included a total of 24 Robert Juliat follow spots: 8 RJ Ivanhoe 2.5K HMI (9° - 21°), 8 RJ Alex 2.5K (7° - 14.5°) tungsten units and 8 long throw RJ Cyrano 2.5K HMI (3° - 8°). These are employed in various positions front of house, overhead and on stage across the three auditoria of the venue: the 2500-seater Opera Hall, the 2000 seat Music Hall and the 1500 seat Theatre Hall. All Cyrano and Ivanhoe units were motorised, having DMX controlled dimming and lamp on/off function.

Robert Juliat follow spots have long been acknowledged as the top of their class and are specified for their high quality optics and superb light out put, as well as for the ergonomic design which makes them so popular amongst follow spot operators and lighting designers the world over.

Mr Yan, Vice Manager - Technical, Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts states, “The Robert Juliat follow spot is an excellent product offering high performance. It is user-friendly and has a better quality of light than any comparable product - particularly for flatness of the beam - and it is extremely satisfying in every aspect.

“It has so far received repeated high praises from the external visitors and theatrical troupes from all over the world who have performed in the Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts.”

No fewer than 144 Robert Juliat Brabo battens were also supplied in one of the largest installations of its type. This modular low voltage batten can be controlled by 1, 2 or 4 circuits and was supplied at the request of incoming lighting designers who like its flexibility of use and compact dimensions.

96 Robert Juliat Quadri Fluolights were supplied to provide incoming companies with superb cyclorama lighting and feature lighting possibilities. These dimmable fluorescent tubes were chosen because of their fine dimming quality. The 7500 steps of smoothing offered by the Robert Juliat Digitour dimmers ensures an even fade from 100% - 0% with no cut off below 15% as is often the case with dimmable fluorescents. The Quadri also have smooth colour mixing properties and are proving extremely popular with lighting designers in the opera world.

The combination of smooth dimming and subtle colour changing also makes Quadri perfect for auditorium or ‘house' lighting.

Finally, 5 Robert Juliat Digitour portable dimmers with fluo connections were supplied to provide a moveable power supply for the Quadri units giving ultimate flexibility in this large and challenging venue.

Standard Digitour dimmers are available in three configurations (6 x 16A / 3 x 25A / 1 x 50A) providing reliable, high quality dimming whilst the Digitour 6S can also run 120 memories and 190 cross fades.

“We are very happy to have supplied China's landmark building with such high quality products,” says Boey. “In addition, Robert Juliat China is present to provide local support for products in which we have great faith and which bring world class quality to every performance in China's world class building.”

About Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat is a three-generation, independent, family-run company dedicated to stage lighting. The current chairman's grandfather was, at the end of the 19th century, one of the pioneers in creating special effects for the fledgling motion picture industry in France. Robert Juliat lights are used by customers who include the Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion, New York's Lincoln Center, LA's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Disney World, The Royal Shakespeare Company, the Comedie Francaise, the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, football's World Cup in Japan and Germany, plus theatres, schools and public venues around the world.

R&D, production and the company headquarters are based in the village of Fresnoy-en-Thelle, 50 km north of Paris. Robert Juliat USA is located in Wallingford, Connecticut. For more information, visit

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