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Robert Juliat Aledin Completes Energy Saving Rig at i>TELE Studios

Robert Juliat Aledin Completes Energy Saving Rig at i>TELE Studios

i TeleRobert Juliat is proud to announce that its new award-winning, Aledin LED profile has been adopted by one of France's most popular news channels. i>TELE, a subdivision of Canal+ Group, the leading pay-TV Group in France, has installed twenty-four cold white Aledin profiles in its broadcasting studios where they are in daily use on live news broadcasts and weather reports.

i>TELE studios has famously changed all its lighting from incandescent sources to LED or fluorescent. This would make it the first TV studio worldwide to use no tungsten fixtures. The RJ Aledin profile is therefore the perfect fixture to complete this energy saving lighting rig.

Technical Director Laurent d'Auria says, “There was too much maintenance, too much energy consumption, too much heat being produced at i>TELE studios, all of which was just not compatible with our new lighting infrastructure.”

i>TELE quickly decided on Robert Juliat Aledin on the advice of Canal+, pioneers in the new uses of television, who were already investigating low energy solutions. Aledin's new technology provides the answer to the studios' energy, heat and maintenance problems, as it combines the benefits of LED within a familiar profile package.

“We chose Aledin because we are used to working with the RJ profile spots which we are completely satisfied with. We know these very well, so it is now very easy for us to focus Aledin and use the different settings. The beam is really flat and the programming is very simple.

“Aledin's low power consumption (105W) now enables us to use 10 LED fixtures for the same amount of energy as 1 tungsten lantern. In addition, the heat in the studio has dropped considerably, resulting in an important fall in our AC power consumption.”

Examples of Aledin in use can be seen in interviews on the television station's website at

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