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Robert Bell, Guest Blogger

Here's an entry from Robert Bell, who guest blogged with us to share his thoughts on the first day of the BLMC. Take it away, Robert...

It was a beautiful day to sit in traffic on the way to the Skirball Auditorium (I just like saying that word out loud). Ah spring-time in NY. Better than the rain we had last week. Nothing like walking down 42nd St.

with a VL500 in a garbage bag. Todd Kessler was in town training Local 1 on the whole VL line, and Matthew Burstein, George Masek and I ran cover. Sunday, we spend five hours on the Intrepid (again in the rain) checking out cool planes like the Concord. How very geeky.

Today we missed Jules' keynote to set up for the mini-trade show. It all went swimmingly (except the traffic). After the morning session. everyone stormed into the room and raided the table of focaccia bread sandwiches (another word I love to say). Then we got to meet the delegates (or are they students or attendees?). It was a wonderful cross section of people from all walks of life. The grade 10 stagehand that knew more about lighting than most theatre types, the Swedish student over for a work/holiday visit, the professors from across the country and of course the B-Way LDs. On display, we had two of our very newly released VL500 80v (one saturated color, the other, the more theatrically suited pastel version) and a VL1000 AS. All three were controlled by the Marquee ILC where we showed its theatre and ML friendly interface all connected to the Lightolier architectural controls. (Enough of the advertising)

It's nice to be back. I've been coming to these BLMC things long enough to remember the seminars about how these "new fandangled wigglie light things" could be used to create art rather than just waggle about. Today it seems that we've finally graduated to point were everybody realizes they are here to stay and they're great tools. Good thing, I was getting bored of that same old speech. Even the guy from high school says they're not using "a lot" of them: "Maybe just 24."

If they were all just a little less interested in our products, I might have scored a free meal. The two hour window went by way too fast. Oh well, I'll made up for it at the cocktail party.

Robert Bell

Horizon Control Inc.

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