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Robe UK at PLASA Focus

Robe UK at PLASA Focus


Robe UK will be showing a selection of the latest Robe lighting products on Stand SB30 at PLASA Focus in Leeds, including the newly launched MMX Spot moving light, the fantastic new ROBIN 600 LEDWash and the ROBIN 600 Series of Spot, Wash and Beam luminaires.

The new ROBIN MMX Spot is the first in a new generation of 1200 Series fixtures offering a neater, smaller, lighter and brighter more energy efficient package. Using the innovative Phillips MSR Platinum 35 lamp combined with a sophisticated optical system, the MMX Spot is a true equivalent of any 1200W spotlight moving head on the market today. In some features, the MMX is as bright as a 1500W spotlight and simultaneously energy saving – consuming about 30% less power than the current 1200W products.

The amazing super-slim ROBIN 600 LEDWash is Robe's fastest selling fixture in the last 10 years. It features 37 x 10 Watt RGBW multichip LEDs each individually controllable. These are arranged in 3 concentric rings designed for creating stunning colour and pattern effects when pointed towards an audience .... as well as for providing comprehensive, even wash coverage of performers, stages, spaces, scenery, etc. The 10W RGBW multichips deliver a whole array of true colours - from the richest saturates to the subtlest and most delicate of pastels and a series of perfect whites from 2700 - 8000°K, all without any 'pixelation' or blockiness due to the homogenised light engine. A 15 - 60 degree motorised zoom adds versatility and enhances the scope for all types of applications.

The ROBIN 600 Series of Wash, Spot & Beam fixtures offer a complete set of fully-featured creative tools for all lighting applications, utilising Robe's latest technologies to offer a more powerful output and with energy conservation to the forefront.

For more press info. on Robe Lighting, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679/+44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘'. For more product and general info, check or call + 420 571 751 510, and for Robe UK, please call +44 1604 741000.

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