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Robe Specified for  Shenzhen Water Park Show

Robe Specified for Shenzhen Water Park Show


A hundred and fifty two Robe moving lights are in action at the spectacular new nightly show that has just opened at the Water Park, Shenzhen, China.

The Water Park is one element of a 9 square kilometer resort development on the outskirts of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, by the company OTC, which includes mountains, waterfalls, lakes, nature trails, complete towns, hotels and luxury residential accommodation.

The show's lighting designer is Mr Qi Lu and the colourful highly choreographed visual extravaganza is directed by Mr Xia Dao.

The Robe fixtures were originally specified by UK based lighting designer Durham Marenghi, who was involved in the early stages of the project. Qi Lu was recommended to design and programme lighting by leading Chinese lighting designer Mr Sha XiaoLan, who's Beijing-based practice Feng Shang Shiji completed the design consultancy and installation before the attraction opened in October. Robe's Chinese distributor Leifull supplied all the fixtures to Feng Shang Shiji.

The Robes are a mix of ColorSpot and ColorWash 2500E ATs – Robe's brightest and most powerful moving lights. They were chosen for their extreme brightness, dynamic colour mixing system and comprehensive features and effects to be the lighting stars of a show that also utilizes several hundred other lightsources, large LED screens, pyro and flame effects. The fixtures also needed to withstand a tough, damp environment, another area where the Robe brand excels.

The hour long show – in which OTC has invested 20 million Euros - is a high-octane, water-based multimedia mix of music, choreographed dance, thrilling stunts and breathtaking aerial performance, staged in an exciting visual environment. The 3 chapter storyline is underlined by a strong environmental message about how humanity needs to educate itself to the dangers of industrial excess and engage with nature to preserve the fast disappearing natural resources of the planet.

The Robes are rigged in two rows running along the top lip of the main seating stand, and are used to reach all positions across the lake and extensively light the large forestage area. This is permeated by a sophisticated water jet system and is where most of the action takes place.

The Robes are worked hard throughout the show, which features lots of precise colour and gobo work, floor and water projections plus general washing of the forestage and lake throughout the animated multicolour show, which has an amazing array of costumes and props.

Qi Lu's principal objective was to design a lightshow to reinforce the story, illuminating the cast and creating a natural synergy between lighting and performers, all the time adding drama and expression to the overall experience that enthralls audiences of up to 8,000 each night .

“I have plenty of options with the Robes – they give me all the effects, looks and colour combinations I need – and I still have plenty of headroom for more,” he confirms. He programmed and runs the show on a grandMA console with a second for backup.

From the installation angle, Mr Ma JieBo of Feng Shang Shiji adds, “The reliability of the Robes continues to impress us - and that's a vitally important factor. We've used them on many of our projects are very happy they were spec'd onto this one”.

He also mentions that the service and support they receive from Leifull is “second to none”.

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