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Robe for Qingdao TV Station

Robe for Qingdao TV Station


New Robe moving-lights have been installed into Studio 6 of the Qingdao TV Station in China, which broadcasts 6 regional channels throughout the Shangdong area.

The new fixtures are part of a recent lighting upgrade, and were specified by Studio 6's lighting designer Liu Zheng Mao and his team, and supplied via Robe's Chinese distributor, Leafun (formally known as Leifull).

The 10 ColorSpot 1200E ATs, 10 ColorWash 1200E ATs and 4 ColorWash 575 ATs were chosen for their functionality and reliability. It's a multi-purpose studio, hosting a wide variety of shows, so all lighting has to be as flexible as possible to cater for the different requirements of anything from a documentary to a music show.

The Studio had originally invested in Robe back in 2005 when they bought some ColorSpots. These are still going strong and have been worked extremely hard over that time, so they decided that Robe was the best choice again because of its proven reliability.

Zheng Mao is also the main lighting programmer for the 400 square metre studio. With a decent headroom of up to 11 metres it's a good space in which to be creative, and having the new moving lights will give him a lot more scope. He frequently designs the sets as well as lighting, so with the new Robes now available, he can really integrate both these visual mediums into the look and feel of the shows they are producing.

The Robes are rigged on the studio's overhead bars which cover the whole roof space and can be moved and deployed to wherever they are needed.

Robe's ColorSpot and Wash 1200 Series is one of the most popular workhorses of its moving light range, and has been used extensively for all applications across most sectors of the industry over the years.

Zheng Mao likes the gobo selection, the zoom range and the general versatility of the 1200 units. "With this rig I can now light every scenario I need to in the studio. It opens up many more possibilities and makes the task of lighting a show so much faster and easier," he comments, adding that he's delighted with the new fixtures, and that you can do so much with a smaller number of well featured lights and clever programming.

The programmes made in Studio 6 range include "Go" a lifestyle, tourism, fashion, entertainment and current affairs series which also includes interviews and panels of commentators.

Another regular is "Poker Hero", a series for those serious about poker.

Other lighting in the Studio includes a full set of white lights and numerous LED fixtures, all of which, together with the Robes, are controlled by an Avolites Pearl 2008 console.

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