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Robe at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt 2011

Robe at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt 2011


Robe lighting launches 5 exciting new products at the 2011 Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt.

The new ROBIN MMX Spot is the first in a new generation of 1200 Series fixtures offering a neater, smaller, lighter and brighter more energy efficient package; the ROBIN 300 LEDWash is the smaller and even cuter version of the best-selling 600 LEDWash; the ROBIN 600 PureWhite is a warm, cold and smart white light version of the massively successful 600 LEDWash RGBW specifically for studio environments ... and the DigitalSpot 3500 DT is a more powerful and fully-featured version of the Digital Spot 3000 DT moving digital light.

Robe again keeps at the forefront of lighting technology whilst also highlighting the importance of enhanced environmental sustainability, with its "Think of the Future - Consider Nature" green initiative. This underlines the company's long term commitment to reducing environmental impact, and a special booth in the foyer of Hall 11 - C91 - will further showcase Robe's latest green and white technologies.


This amazing new fixture is the new generation of 1200W Spot fixtures and the first in a new series of Robe moving lights designed to be energy efficient and smaller in keeping with the ROBIN (Robe Innovative Technology).

The MMX Spot is compact, lightweight and has a small base and expediently sized, and is expected to be a major hit with rental companies and installations alike.

Using the innovative Phillips MSR Platinum 35 lamp, and combined with a sophisticated optical system, the MMX Spot is a true equivalent of any 1200W Spotlight moving head on the market today.

In some features, the MMX is as bright as a 1500W spotlight and at the same time energy saving – consuming about 30% less power than the current 1200W products.

Main features include :

• 2 x rotating gobo wheels, each with 7 SLOT & LOCK gobos + open

• Unique Dual Graphic Wheel (Patent pending) – for stunning effects

• Extremely fast motorised iris.

• CMY colour mixing, with variable CTO

• Colour wheel - 7 dichroic filters + open

• Motorised zoom & focus, auto-focus feature

• Zoom range of 8.5 – 46.5 degrees

• Variable frost

• 5 facet, 11 degrees rotating and indexable prism.

• Remote hot-spot control

• Mechanical dimmer & shutter

• Variable strobe effect 1 - 10 Hz

• LCD touch screen with RNS2 (Robe Navigation System) & battery back-up

• Silent operation

• Communication protocols – DMX 512, ArtNet, RDM, MANet, MANet2

• Weight only – 25.3 Kg


Following the massive success of the ROBIN 600 LEDWash, Robe's fastest ever selling product, comes the 300 version which is even smaller and neater in construction, with all the features of the 600 at a highly competitive price.

This will be ideal for small installations and places where space is at a premium.

There is the option to simulate tungsten lamp behaviour when dimming and switching off, complete with ‘red effect' and thermal delay.

Made with the same Cree 10W multichip RGBW LEDs as the 600 LEDWash, it has all the fabulous colour mixing and homogenisation qualities of the 600, plus true whites with a selection of pre-programmed colour temperatures (2700, 3200, 4200, 5600 & 8000K).

Main features include :

• 19 x 10W RGBW Multichip LEDs arranged in 3 rings

• Perfect colour mixing with no shadow effects

• Fabulous pastel colours

• Virtual colour wheel with pre-programmed colours, including 2700, 3200, 4200, 5600, 8000K whites

• Red effect & thermal delay tungsten lamp simulation

• Zoom range from 15 – 50 degrees

• Completely flat light field at any beam angle

• Individual control of the LED rings – for incredible ‘camera candy' style effects

• Smooth electronic dimming

• Variable strobe effect from 1 – 20 Hz

• Super-fast pan & tilt movement

• LCD touch screen with RNS2 (Robe Navigation System) & battery back-up

• Communication protocols – DMX 512, ArtNet, RDM, MANet, MANet2

• Power consumption 205 VA

• Incredible light weight of 7.5Kgs

CityFlex 48

A hugely versatile, completely user configurable LED ‘batten' consisting of 4 modules using the latest Cree 10W RGBW multichip LEDs.

These powerful customizable units have a strong and uniform light output and are suitable for any application. The unique design (patent pending) allows multiple lighting formats from one fixture - be it a compact floodlight format, traditional linear LED format or a variety of different angled options. The fixture´s incredible flexibility means previously unobtainable effects are now available ..... from a single unit.

Housed in a durable aluminium IP 65 rated casing, the CityFlex48 has excellent colour mixing from a single-point-of-source with a definable pixel pitch.

A universal mounting system gives multiple rigging options for floor, wall or on to trussing. A separate quiet convection cooled control unit running via DMX or RDM allows easy setup via control display screens, while DMX and power lines can be daisy chained via Powercon connectors.

• 12 x 10W RGBW Multichip LEDs (3 per module)

• 4 modules, individually adjustable on 2 axes – for straight line, flat, angled, zig-zag, etc., shapes

• Removable base – ideal for the creation of low resolution screen effects in various shapes

• Individual pixel control of each LED

• Convection cooled – completely silent

• IP65 rated for both outdoor and indoor use

• Control protocols – DMX 512 & RDM

• PowerCon In/Out connectors allow for quick daisy-chaining

ROBIN 600 PureWhite

Following huge demand for high quality moving LED fixtures in the wake of its ROBIN 600 LEDWash (RGBW), Robe launches the ROBIN 600 PureWhite, a white version for applications like TV, theatres, exhibitions and conferences and anywhere needing a high quality, low powered white light with all the features and functionality of a moving light – like pan/tilt & zoom etc.

There will be 3 versions – cool white (CW) at 6000K, warm white (WW) at 3200K and Smart White (SW), which is variable from 3200 – 6500K.

Used as a traditional white light source, the ROBIN 600 PureWhite has the potential to dramatically reduce heat output in studios, emitting virtually no heat due to its superior cooling management.

Costs will be further slashed because less AC will be required to keep studios at a comfortable temperature for everyone working.

The ROBIN 600 PureWhite features the same 3 rings of 10W Cree multichip LEDs as its colour changing counterpart, a fully homogenized light engine with no shadows or pixelation, producing a beautiful smooth quality of light throughout the full beam path.

The Cree multichip combined with Robe's lens optimization has enabled perfect whites to be produced by the ROBIN 600 PureWhite series.

Ring control, and dimming and other features and effects are all the same as the LEDWash 600 RGBW, making this a massively versatile ground breaking addition to Robe's ROBIN range.

• 37x 10W RGBW LED multichips

• Led Life Expectancy: 60.000 hours

• Linear motorized zoom: 15° – 60°

• Completely flat light field at any beam angle

• Individual control of the LED rings

• High resolution dimmer 0 – 100%

• Strobe effect with variable speed from 1 - 20 Hz

• RNS2 - Robe Navigation System with LCD touchscreen and battery backup, gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning and operation memory service log with RTC

• Communication protocols: USITT DMX-512, ArtNet, MANet, MANet2, RDM

• Power consumption: 430VA

• Weight : 10.7 Kg

DigitalSpot 3500 DT

The new Robe DigitalSpot 3500 DT is a more powerful, enhanced version of the very successful DigitalSpot 3000 DT, retaining all the best loved features of the original unit, together with a host of new ones.

Combining the technologies of a moving light and video projector, Robe produces another powerful tool for their Digital Series.

Features include

• BenQ MX 660 projector using TI® DLP® technology …. featuring :

o HDMI video input

o Contrast Ratio of 5000:1

o 3200 ANSI lumen light output

• Power off and on via DM

• High quality easily readable VGA Menu display

• Options for DVI/VGA or SDI/ASI grabbing cards

• Composite video input via BNC connector

• CITP-MSEX protocol, allowing the preview of content thumbnails on any DMX desk

• Keystone correction

• Exclusive New Media content

• Three graphics media layers with separate or combined effect possibilities

• Media playback synchronization between all Digital Spot series fixtures

• Network based remote control and management interface

• Remote content transfer, preview and synchronization

• Fast 1Gb network card

The White Booth

This year at Prolight+Sound, in addition to its main booth C65, Robe also has another booth - C91 The White Booth - located in the foyer of Hall 11.

This will feature a fabulous clean, contemporary design with a white Toyota Auris hybrid car centre stage, lit entirely with white bodied versions of Robe's new ROBIN 600 PureWhite LED fixture, which is launched at the show.

Apart from illustrating a perfect potential application for the PureWhite luminaire - car shows - the idea is to highlight the parallels and environmentally friendly technologies of two very different global brands - Robe and Toyota - and to emphasise the mutual synergies in their respective product developments.

Whilst Toyota is a pioneer of hybrid technologies in the automotive sector, Robe is - and has been for some time - taking a similar path in the professional lighting industry, and is fully focussed on producing more environmentally friendly products with a greener footprint. This is both in terms of the manufacturing process, and the actual end products - which are smaller, lighter, brighter and massively more energy efficient than previous generations.

The visual, practical and ethical alignments on the White Booth are clear - white car, white fixtures, less energy consumption, stylish design, solid engineering and real quality.

Robe's green initiative - "Think of the Future - Consider Nature" - was launched last year to underline the company's ongoing commitment to developing and producing genuinely cutting-edge, innovative and energy saving products.

For more press info. on Robe Lighting, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679/+44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘'. For more product and general info, check or call + 420 571 751 510.

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