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Robe - The Producers Choice

Robe - The Producers Choice

robe-producers-bratislava-foto-wandal-production-170.jpg Slovakia's leading lighting designer Martin Kubánka specified Robe moving lights for the world famous musical comedy, “The Producers”, which is being staged at the Istropolis Congress Hall in Bratislava.

Kubánka has long been a fan of Robe kit, and says, "The most important thing for any theatre show is silent running and that was a big reason for choosing Robe. Even large spectacular musicals like 'The Producers' have quiet moments."

He continues, "I needed a relatively small but highly flexible rig, so - once again - Robe was the right choice to achieve the best visual results".

The fixtures are rigged onto a series of over-stage trusses. He's using 10 ColorSpot 575E ATs and 6 ColorSpot 1200E ATs, plus 10 Robe Scan 575 XTs and 6 ColorWash 575 ATs.

Careful programming and judicious use of these covered all his lighting requirements, including dazzling set and stage washes for the big musical numbers, along with practicals, specials and key lighting. He added 6 Robe ColorMix 575 ATs for additional colour changing effects throughout the energetic, fast-paced show telling the story of two theatrical producers scheming to get rich by over-selling interests in a Broadway flop!

"I used Robe on this for the same reasons as always" states Kubánka, "The lights are very reliable, they offer a serious amount of functionality and allow me to be as creative as the brief demands". He particularly likes the quality of the colour mixing facilities on all Robe fixtures.

Kubánka has worked closely with show director Andy Hryc and choreographer Jan Ďurovćík on staging the production, which has been a massive success in Bratislava.

The show's lighting cues were programmed into a grandMA console by Kubánka and Michal Schmidt, with Schmidt now running the timecode-triggered show.

All lighting and sound equipment for The Producers in Bratislava is supplied by Slovakia's top rental company Q-99, who have the largest hire stock of Robe available in the country.

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