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Robe - New Club install for Morava, Zlin

Robe - New Club install for Morava, Zlin


Morava is the latest new club to open in the vibrant University town of Zlin in the north of the Czech Republic, complete with a Robe moving light rig, specified by locally based PowerDance, who undertook the technical design and installation of all sound and lighting in the 300 capacity venue.

There has been a club on this centre of town site for about 20 years, but Morava is a new concept under independent ownership, with great attention paid to presentation detail and creating a trendy urban chic vibe.

PowerDance have used Robe products for at least 40 other club installations over the last few years, so the choice of moving lights was a "no brainer" explains Šiška Zdenek, who worked closely with the club's lighting operator, Miroslav Werunsky on this project.

Morava is an intimate space and headroom is limited, so they wanted low profile unobtrusive fixtures, and decided on 4 Robe ClubSpot 160 CTs and 4 ClubRoller 150 CTs, which are installed on minibeam trussing. The club also features an extensive LED installation and some generic lighting, all driven by a Robe CyberControl PC-based system.

They chose the fixtures for reliability, quality and great value for money. "Eight units give me more than enough options to create a good looking lightshow that I can run for several hours each night," says Werunsky.

The ClubSpot 160 CT's compact body offers a colour wheel with 6 dichroic filters, a rotating gobo wheel with 7 replaceable gobos, shutter, variable strobe effect and manual focus. It is ideal for small spaces looking for a big impact ....and has been very successful in several of Powerdance's other club installations.

The ClubRoller 150 CT scanner has a barrel mirror. Robe recently re-launched this classic club effect with completely new electronics and software. It can also be used in stand-alone mode, and has "auto" and "music" trigger options for easy control. The gobo wheel features an impressive 13 unique new gobos and a colour wheel with 11 dichroic filters plus a UV effect filter and 3 multi-colour filters. The shutter is also capable of fast strobing.

The laser is rigged to a Robe MediaSpinner 50 AT to give the additional flexibility of being able to turn it in different directions.

Robe's Cyber Control is PC-based and extremely quick, easy and logical to learn. It creates a perfect visualization of all types of lighting fixtures including conventionals plus all the parameters of intelligent lights. This results in a sophisticated 3D visualization of the show, including realtime beam, gobo and iris simulations. It comes complete with a large fixture library of the most popular and commonly found moving lights.

All the Robe equipment for Morava was supplied to PowerDance via Robe's Czech Republic and Slovakian distributor, KVS.

Already, visitors to Morava - which features the best of 1980's and 90s club classics to attract a more mature and sophisticated audience - are commenting positively on the feel and effect of the lighting scheme in keeping with the high quality decor.

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