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Robe Launches New Website

Robe lighting launches its new multi-lingual website, which utilises the latest technology and is designed as a key communication portal for anyone interested in the company or its products and range of services.

The major goal for the new site is to offer exceptionally easy access to all information site wide. A highly intuitive navigation system links products to all their relevant technical specs and documentation, press releases, photo galleries etc, making it very easy quick to find all elements relevant to a specific product.

Fresh new graphics make it eye-catching, visually interesting and congruous with Robe's attention to detail and style throughout its complete brand image.

The site is fully integrated with the latest web technology and all the trends for full-text search functionality, search engine optimisation, etc. RSS news feeds allow other websites and individuals to share all the news stories published by Robe, which are constantly updated with new projects and information.

Projects are now categorised according to their industry sector, again making it faster to find exactly what you're looking for. A new content management system will ensure that the site can grow along with the company's needs in the future.

There's also the facility for those wanting to sign up to receive regular Robe electronic newsletters, which is another proactive way in which Robe keeps everyone up-to-date with its fast-moving business.

Initially the site is in English, Russian and Italian with more languages planned in the future.

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