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Robe Launches new Green Initiative at PLASA

Robe Launches new Green Initiative at PLASA


Robe launches a major new green initiative - "Think of the Future - Consider Nature" - at PLASA 2010 to underline its ongoing commitment to developing and producing genuinely cutting-edge, innovative and energy saving products.

Using Robe's latest products, the renowned booth lightshow will consume 30% less power than before, and look equally impressive.

There will also be no less than 7 newly launched environmentally friendly moving light and LED products on stand 1-F47 from the Czech Republic based manufacturer (full details to follow in separate press release).

Says MD Josef Valchar, "Robe has already been operating a strong green policy for several years, we are not just jumping onboard a current trend, and now is the time to push this philosophy to the next level". He adds that Robe intends to keep at the forefront of developing sustainable technologies and encouraging everyone to think seriously and imaginatively about their application in our industry, with "Our collective futures in mind".

"Think of the Future - Consider Nature" also sees a whole new range of Robe marketing materials and merchandising, which will be available and running alongside all the classic Robe brand idents.

Robe's stand at PLASA this year will be as eye-catching and elegant as ever, sporting a strong green theme and colouration, and adorned by several strategically placed beautiful Bonsai Trees to really bring the environmental message home.

The ergonomics of the stand design allow maximum accessibility for visitors and customers to view the new products and meet the people behind them. The space is completely open all round, with an inviting feel, encouraging the rapid and fluid movement of people, with a raised area in the middle that can be utilised for meetings or chilling out and enjoying Robe's famous hospitality.

The top of the stand is draped on three sides and hanging from the roof will be a series of projection cones in stretched white fabric, with one larger central cone. These will be used to highlight Robe's powerful and versatile DigitalSpot 7000 and 3000DT fixtures and their projection capabilities.

Lighting and visuals for the stand are designed by Robe UK's Nathan Wan, and will utilise Robe's latest ROBIN series of moving lights, both 600 and 300 versions in Spot, Wash and Beam ranges, and also their ColorWash 750AT Tungstens.

The New Product gallery will be open and accessible all around the ground floor area of the stand allowing people a close up look at the technology.

The back of the stand will feature a section for sister company Anolis's latest architecturally orientated LED products, and at the top, a large projection screen will receive material from DigitalSpot 7000DTs rigged on the nearby HSL stand.

Robe's demo room will also be running throughout the exhibition, where individuals or groups can be booked in for an in-depth session on the new products and to learn more about Robe's concepts and dedication to carbon emission reduction.

For more press info. on Robe Lighting, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679/+44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘'. For more product and general info, check or call + 420 571 751 510.

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