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Robe in the Fast Lane with Audi Q5

Robe in the Fast Lane with Audi Q5


Robe moving lights were in action on the Slovakian launch of the new Audi Q5 car which was staged in the charismatic ex-Cvernovka (fabric) factory in Bratislava, and produced by Promea for Porsche Interauto Slovakia.

LD Tomas Lecký lost no time in specifying Robe for his moving lights, which were rigged on a combination of flown trusses and an 8 metre high ground support system measuring 24 x 10 metres that was installed onto one of the derelict factory's old halls. The off-beat location was transformed into a highly atmospheric temporary showcase area in which to reveal the various Q5 models amidst a bit of theatrical magic.

He used a total of 10 Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs, 16 Robe ColorWash 1200E ATs, 12 Robe ColorMix 575 ATs and 4 Robe Scan 575 XTs. There was also a large LED video wall in the hall.

The lighting design was geared to highlighting the building's architecture and industrial features as well as focussed on the cars for the reveal. It started with lasers, and each car was then ‘revealed' with its own lightshow sequence.

Among other specific effects, he made much use of the Robe's rich Congo Blue colour range and fast strobing effects.

Robe is always Lecký's first choice of moving light, and he's used them on all types of shows and events over the past few years. “They are great lights,” he says, “They give me all the creative flexibility I need and have proved reliable in all circumstances”.

The Robes, along with all the other lighting and audio equipment for the show was supplied by Q-99, Slovakia's leading lighting rental and sound company.

Lighting was programmed and run from a grandMA full size console by Michael Schmidt, and a grandMA light was used for controlling the LED and video. Lasers were supplied by Kvant and programmed by Martin Kubánka, and the show's creative director was Martin Kákoś.

The Audi Q5 event took place over 3 days, and was attended by Audi dealers from across Slovakia and a selection of VIPs.

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