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Robe DigitalSpots for Juanita du Plessis celebration show

Robe DigitalSpots for Juanita du Plessis celebration show


Robe DigitalSpots took their share of the limelight at a special concert staged in the Big Top Arena, Carnival City Johannesburg, ZA, to celebrate 10 years at the top for leading South African singer/songwriter, Juanita du Plessis.

Lighting for the event – also recorded for DVD and enjoyed by a live audience of 3000 - was designed by Francois van der Merwe from MJ Event Gear, the company contracted to supply all the lighting and AV equipment.

The over-stage lighting rig was based on 3 trusses – front, mid and back – and the 4 DigitalSpot 5000DTs were placed on an additional V shaped truss, positioned centre stage front. Video footage ran for every song, so it was a vital component of the look and feel of the show.

Images from the DigitalSpots - 60% of which was supplied by du Plessis herself who took a very active interest in the overall show design – were beamed onto a large projection screen just upstage of the 18 piece band. Says van der Merwe, “The DigiSpots are amazing units”. With the band seated in front of the screen, they were able to erase any potential shadow issues by using the onboard keystoning facilities and clearing everyone's heads in the line up, giving images a clear projection path to the screen.

Content was stored on a Maxedia digital media server, and they also uploaded content directly to the DigitalSpots which were connected over an Ethernet system. It consisted of a wide ranging mix of abstract wallpaper effects, graphics and music videos all of which brought a new dimension and vibrancy to the show.

The DigitalSpots were run via DMX from a GrandMA full size lighting console.

On the back truss, two Robe Media Spinners were used to make an eye-catching stage entrance and exit. Each suspended a branded flat that was turned 90 degrees to the ‘open' position.

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