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Robe DigitalSpots –  A Black & White Choice

Robe DigitalSpots – A Black & White Choice


Lighting designer Kyle Olson from Milwaukee-based Logan Productions, Inc. used Robe DigitalSpot 7000DTs for the first time at the Milwaukee Urban League's annual Black & White Ball, staged at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Rigged above the event's main 40ft x 60ft Transformit Star Stage that was flown over the audience, the two DigitalSpots were utilized as an integral element of the lighting and visuals projecting onto a large screen surface above the audience. The evening also included a live performance by Philadelphia soul legends, The Stylistics.

The DigitalSpots allowed Olson to create a cost effective large projection surface above the guests, with the added bonus of utilising the DigitalSpot's LED module to add colour and depth to the other lighting and creating a “nice even wash”.

Olson controlled the units from the lighting desk via ArtNet, which also enabled them to use the same Cat 5 cable to upload new content to the DigitalSpot heads, saving considerable time during set up.

They made much use of the fixture's edge-blending facility. This enabled the creation of a number of different projection surfaces and aspect ratios, all of which helped make the projection surface area seem much larger than what would normally be possible using just two fixtures.

“We also took advantage of the multiple layers to create dynamic transitions from sponsor animations produced by Logan to candid photos that were taken during the event,” explains Olson. The photos were uploaded ‘live' to the DigitalSpot heads via the Cat 5 cable, and “Our client loved the effects and the immediacy of the visuals.” says Olson.

He was also very impressed with the accuracy of the fixtures in terms of being able to move and then return to a “suitable” blended image on an uneven surface. This effect was a vital part of the overall visuals used throughout the evening. He also liked the brightness of the fixtures for rear projections, and the speed and simplicity of programming the onboard media server.

Olson will definitely specify Robe DigitalSpots again, “They are solid in construction and out-performed any other fixture in their price range,” he concludes, adding that he thinks Robe has “some of the best” technical support available in the industry and is able “to answer the toughest questions in a timely manner”.

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