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Robe DigitalSpots at Bellini Grande, Singapore

Robe DigitalSpots at Bellini Grande, Singapore


Eight Robe DigitalSpots and a moving light rig have been installed in the main room of the Bellini Grande - Singapore's hottest jazz entertainment and dance club - and the latest in a long line of buzzing nightspots created by legendary club guru, Dennis Foo.

The venue features 3 bars and a dining room with a capacity of nearly 1400. The decor introduces large black & white chequered tiles and sumptuous semi circular booths, bringing a chic 1970's society feel to the environment emphasising its chi-chi credentials for a good night out.

The Robe fixtures were specified by Craig Burridge, technical director for St James Holdings, the parent company of the Bellini Grande Pte. Ltd., and the project's AV systems and lighting designer.

The lights were supplied by Robe South East Asia, and follow on from the highly successful installation of over 200 Robe moving lights and LED fixtures into leading Singapore nightclub St James Power Station in 2007, also spec'd by Burridge.

The main stage at the Bellini Grande has the 8 DigitalSpot 3000DTs, 8 ColorSpot 700E ATs, 8 ColorWash 750AT Tungstens and 6 Robe Scan 575XTs.

The level 2 lounge has 6 recessed ColorSpot 170 ATs in the ceiling.

Burridge chose the ColorSpot 700E ATs because of their extra wide zoom, which he says is "great" for the room's low rigging height of 3.1 metres. The warm tones of the ColorWash 750 AT Tungstens are ideal for thetheatrical nature of many of their live shows.

The DigitalSpot 3000DTs were selected primarily to be utilised as an 8-element edge blended projection system for the screen backdrop. With the low ceiling and a relatively shallow stage, he needed a short throw projection system that would add depth and dimension to the space, and comments that the DT3000s are "perfect" for this application. He also likes the intensity and effects of the LED modules in the fixtures.

Overall, he also chose the Robe brand for its proven reliability - backed by his first hand experience of this from the St James Power Station installation.

The fixtures are controlled via a grandMA Light console, with the DigitalSpots running via ArtNet, and the rest of the units via DMX from the two MA NSPs. A Hog3 PC is running the 6 ColorSpot 170 ATs up in the lounge.

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