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On the road again.

Well, here we are, back in Columbus, OH after a long day of driving.

USITT was really great for me this year.

Between this awesome blogging experience, and the conversation piece it created, meeting new friends, learning about new products and catching up with old friends.

I find that the real value in this experience has always been the camaraderie. I'm pretty sure if we could find a bar big enough, we could stop having USITT at conference centers.

I asked a bunch of people I met a few questions:

1. What do you know about Live Design Magazine? Do you read it? subscribe? why or why not?

2. Why do you come to USITT? Are you coming back?

Here's the basic gist of the answers:

1. No, or not much...Which, ironically, became an instantly false answer...Hopefully some of you who have seen or are following this blog have gone beyond this silly website and explored the actual CONTENT on this website. It's wonderful.

2. Networking. Job hunting... because school paid for it. I got pretty mixed answers with the return question...if they can afford to, yes was the resounding answer. Programming is still an issue...the professionals I spoke with were disappointed with the lack of relevant sessions. the students and academics I talked to mostly found programming satisfactory, but they would like to hear from more professionals.

Brad and I both had very late nights last night, so we we've been pretty funny stuff to share at the moment. I did purchase a replacement set of foam nunchucks in Effingham because I gave my first pair to ZFX for flying us. Anyway, I'm pretty exhausted and continuing to be distracted by SNL (Smash Mouth is in my closet!)


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