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A Return To The Digital Daily

In case you haven't heard or read, we have gone back to the idea of an all-digital version of our upcoming LDI Show Daily (you know, the one you were only able to get at the show in print for the last two years?). This will enable anyone who's not at the show to get an update everyday with goings on from the classes and the show floor.

And just to get you all revved up for it, we're starting it a few weeks before the show. I know, that doesn't exaclty sound like a show daily, but there's so much news leading up to LDI that we thought it appropriate to dedicate some time to previewing the show a few weeks in advance also. Once on site, we will be running a version of our E-Newswire, ever day right from the show, starting Monday, October 20, and running through the final day of the show, Sunday, October 26.

It goes out to all regular e-wire subscribers, so if you don't already get it, click Newsletters.

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