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Rental and Staging Network Announces Initiative Setting Professional Industry Standards

The Rental and Staging Network (RSN), a network of independent geographically-diverse rental and staging companies with complete event capabilities, has announced an industry-leading initiative that sets a code of recommended professional standards and business ethics for its members and the global rental and staging sector overall. With this announcement, the organization continues to further elevate its role as advancing rental and staging industry best practices.

The guiding principle of the standards is based on the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The standards state that rental and staging companies and their employees should conduct business with honesty, fairness, responsibility, integrity, and sound business judgment, regardless of where they operate around the world.

RSN is promulgating these standards so organizations and events planners worldwide can benefit from contracting with rental and staging companies that adhere to a true professional code of ethics and RSN will enforce the code among its members.

“As competition becomes fiercer for winning high-budget, high-impact event staging and lighting contracts, it is critical for our members and the global industry at-large to ensure we are maintaining the highest standards in business practices, “said Donald Guzauckas, Jr., president of RSN. “RSN is committed to enhancing the reputation of the entire rental and staging industry and we strongly believe that the guidelines we have issued for our members move us a quantum leap forward in that direction.”

Since its inception in 2007, RSN has aimed to bring the industry's best live event rental and staging companies together. This allows members to provide nationwide service with the benefit of local contacts, eliminating the need for clients to spend valuable time verifying the competence and capabilities of multiple companies. Additionally, RSN is a non-competitive forum for establishing best practices, enhancing professionalism and engaging in business referrals and cross-rental opportunities.

To find your local RSN provider, visit and click on “Network Members.” Contact Lynn McCullough at (609) 799-4900 to learn about joining the network.

About Rental and Staging Network (RSN)

RSN is a network of geographically-diverse rental and staging companies with complete event capabilities. The network serves as a conduit for rental and staging companies to come together to improve their business operations and profitability. RSN members are committed to developing methodologies for sharing appropriate business intelligence, identifying trustworthy partners for large-scale projects, product standardization and meetings at member locations. For more information, visit

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