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Remembering Adam Steyh

Many years ago, I was in Las Vegas and Adam Steyh took a few of us out on the town, sort of an informal club crawl. Adam knew everyone in town and we wandered into all kinds of clubs, saw part of a Sheena Easton concert someplace and ended up at a way-off-the-Strip Italian restaurant that Adam liked—complete with third rate Elvis impersonator. But what a Las Vegas experience. Adam also stepped in during LDI that year to lead a tour of the lighting at New York New York, which had just been completed, and I knew I could always count on him for information or introductions I might need. As we wander the ins and outs of Las Vegas in October during Backstage Las Vegas at LDI2008, I know that Adam will be there in spirit. Jim Holladay and Barbara Brennan have promised to send their thoughts about Adam so please keep an eye out for that....

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