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Reinventing the Brake: J. R. Clancy Introduces SureBrake II

Quieter, safer operation, even at maximum speed—that's the advantage J. R. Clancy offers with its new PowerLifts featuring SureBrake II, an electric load brake that's even more effective than its predecessor, the Weston brake.

J.R. Clancy will introduce SureBrake II at the LDI show in November, in booth 1702.

“The Weston style brake is extremely reliable,” explained Mike Murphy, J. R. Clancy president, “but it's a ‘drive through' brake–when lowering the load, the brake engages and the load drives through it. While this provides excellent protection against runaway sets, it limits the top speed and load capacity of the hoist.”

SureBrake II is a spring-applied, electric release brake that allows operators greater opportunity to ramp up the speed of the hoist without any compromise to safety, Murphy continued.

“The new brake is actually quieter, enhancing the already low level of noise produced by the PowerLift,” he said. “Combined with our Quiet Idler loft blocks and Nylatron headblocks, Clancy PowerLift systems are extremely quiet–a vital consideration as lifting speeds increase.”

PowerLifts also feature dual brakes that provide complete coverage of the suspended load: on both the motor and load sides. These differ from the dual motor brake systems used by other manufacturers, by ensuring that the load will not fall should a transmission fail. “We believe this extra level of safety is required whenever you are moving or suspending loads over people,” Murphy said.

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