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Registration is still open for TOMCAT's 2011 Hoist & Rigging workshops

Registration is still open for TOMCAT's 2011 Hoist & Rigging workshops on February 16-19 in Midland, Texas. Further information can be found can at The workshops are an excellent educational opportunity for those new to the entertainment industry as well as veterans of the business interested in receiving training in their area of specialization: hoist or rigging.

“We have been delivering these workshops for 17 years now and our team of world-class instructors is ready to provide a unique, hands-on-learning experience for participants that come from all over the country. Furthermore, TOMCAT has established a reputation as a worldwide leader in safety training,” stated Will Todd, Production Manager at TOMCAT.

The hoist segment of the workshop features complete teardown and rebuild of a one ton Lodestar and a quarter-ton Prostar. Dave Carmack of Columbus McKinnon will provide detailed instruction on inspection, standards and hands-on segment of advanced troubleshooting. There will also be instruction on control systems and load testing. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to take CM's certification exam.

In the Rigging & Truss workshop, G. Anthony Phillips, an ETCP certified rigger and instructor of RigRider Rigging Services will teach about safe rigging practices and principles while Morgan Neff will instruct on fall protection practices and equipment. Participants will also have the opportunity to put these principles into live practice in a segment working on a TOMCAT ground support system session.

In addition, both workshops will include a full day of truss instruction with Will Todd. The class includes basic and advanced concepts in truss usage, grid design, applying loads, ground support system considerations, structural design concepts, and inspection techniques.

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