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Reel Video Systems Hits the Racetrack for Moto GP

Reel Video Systems Hits the Racetrack for Moto GP

Ground Supported Reel Video Systems LED WallIndianapolis based Reel Video Systems LLC made their racing debut at this year's Red Bull Indianapolis GP race in their home city. RVS provided an 8-meter roll down LED wall on the infield portion of the course. The 12-millimeter resolution video wall delivered brilliant IMAG video in the bright summer sun.

Visual display manager Andy Gerber was excited to get the screen outdoors to demonstrate its resolution and contrast. “All screens can handle an indoor event, but very few are properly calibrated and powerful enough to outshine daylight” mentioned Gerber as he stood below the ground supported screen. By using a ground support system, the team at Reel Video was able to roll up the wall and land the screen on the ground in less than two minutes. That is quite a feat, given that the trim height of the LED wall was around 35 feet. “Weather, especially wind, is a big concern these days. With this particular screen we are able to take the surface out of play extremely fast,” explained Gerber.

Reel Video Systems provides signature roll down LED walls, video projection, and live video production services for a wide range of live events.


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