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Reed Rigging, Inc. recently held its inaugural Rigging Skills Workshop. The course is the first installment of the newly founded Reed Rigging School, a division of Reed Rigging. In furthering the company's mission of better accountability and preparedness, and its support of the Entertainment Technician Certification Program, thirty participants from local unions, lighting and sound companies, production companies, educational institutions, and freelance laborers were invited to a four day training session in Chicago. Instructors Rocky Paulson and Morgan Neff led the group through a thorough exploration of rigging fundamentals, including hardware specifications, basic physics principles and math, and fall protection. All of the participants commented that the information presented by the instructors was helpful in making them safer and more skillful technicians.

The course began with a component-by-component review of basic rigging hardware. Each component was reviewed and strengths and weaknesses were highlighted. Numerous items that had been destructive-tested were passed around to better explain how they should and should not be implemented. Rigging forces were introduced on the second day, and participants explored how basic physics principles are leveraged by rigging techniques and equipment. Many live demonstrations were used to exhibit the study materials, including drop testing. The third day was used to transition into fall protection, which continued on the fourth day with a wire rope ladder climbing practical.

The week also included an informal get-together at Goose Island Brew Pub on Monday and a certificate presentation ceremony on Thursday afternoon. Many of the participants have already begun making plans to attend the Reed Rigging School's next offering: Hoist Maintenance and Repair in the first week of June.

Reed Rigging, Inc. is a full-service entertainment rigging company. Previous projects include the design and installation of a computerized hoist system for The Oprah Winfrey Show, installing the outdoor roof structure for taping of The Ellen Show in Chicago, and the annual Arbonne meeting in Atlanta's Georgia Dome. The company operates a vibrant rental department, sales and installation department, and operates a Columbus-McKinnon Authorized Warranty Repair Station. 2009 Rigging Skills Workshop Participants2009 Rigging Skills Workshop Participants2009 Rigging Skills Workshop Participants2009 Rigging Skills Workshop Participants

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