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Red Alert! Elation's iDMX7 Playback/Controller With Infrared Remote Offers Easy, Discreet, Low-Cost LED/DMX Control Solution

Red Alert! Elation's iDMX7 Playback/Controller With Infrared Remote Offers Easy, Discreet, Low-Cost LED/DMX Control Solution

idmx7.JPG LOS ANGELES – Now anyone who wants an easy, discreet way to run LEDs or DMX lights can rely on the “red eye” --- a.k.a. the new iDMX7 system from Elation Professional. A compact DMX control/playback device, the iDMX7 comes with its own handheld infrared remote controller and an infrared sensor that looks like a tiny glowing red eye.

A far cry from unsightly bulky control boards, the unobtrusive iDMX7 can be mounted virtually unnoticed in a ceiling or room corner and operated with the infrared remote from distances of up to 32.8 feet. The only thing visible to the eye is the little “red eye” of the infrared sensor.

Great for entertainment venues, special events and architectural applications, the iDMX7 can control up to 512 DMX channels. It can record and playback programs from any universal DMX-512 controller, such as Elation's Show Designer or Compu DMX control software. The iDMX7's memory can store up to 7 minutes of 512 continuously-changing channels – or an even longer time frame if fewer than 512 channels are used.

With its ability to handle 512 constantly moving channels, the iDMX7 is especially ideal for controlling LED lighting, said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “One thing that people do a lot with LEDs is create color fades where you have all of the channels constantly moving up and down,” said Loader. “The iDMX7 gives you a full seven minutes of memory if you're moving all 512 channels, so it's great for this type of LED application.

“But the iDMX7 isn't limited to LEDs,” added Loader, “it can control any type of DMX-compatible fixture. Thanks to its trim size and infrared remote and sensor, it's the perfect solution for anyone who wants an out-of-the-way, inconspicuous DMX controller, which is also very economically-priced and easy to operate.”

Although it measures just slightly over 3 inches long and half an inch wide, the pint-sized iDMX7 is big on operating features, including 4 selectable work modes: Auto, Manual, DMX Data Record and DMX Playback. In the Auto mode, the user can trigger a stored program to play automatically. The Manual mode allows operators to perform control functions such as selecting colors manually.

Another convenient feature is the iDMX7's “BB” (Blackout to Blackout) technology, which ensures easy, reliable Seamless Loop playback. The user simply records a blackout step at the beginning of a scene and a blackout step at the end, and the scene will loop seamlessly.

The iDMX7 has a maximum record speed of 25 frames per second (512 channels). It features 3-pin DMX Input/Output terminal sockets, and 2-pin DC Input/Output terminal sockets. A 9VDC, 200mA power supply is also included.

Housed in a rugged polycarbonate case, the iDMX7 unit is strong and durable, capable of operating in temperatures ranging from 0°C-55°C. It measures 3.2”L x 0.6”W x 0.5”H, and weighs only one-half pound. The MSRP of the iDMX7, including the unit, infrared remote controller and infrared sensor, is just $259.95.

For more information, call Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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