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(Really) Small World

(Really) Small World

So, I'm walking down the street near South Street Seaport on the way to a wedding last Thursday evening (yes, Thursday...I actually unplugged for the long weekend, so this is the first I am sharing), and while getting out of the car, I see none other than David Niles of Niles Creative walking in my direction, the very same David Niles who created the content for the Comcast Experience wall in Philly, where I met him for the first time the week prior (in case you missed it, read more here. Coincidence? I think not.

Well, okay, it was just a coincidence, and I also had the pleasure of meeting VP at Niles Creative Emmora Irwin. They strolled with us a few blocks almost to our destination and bid us adieu. Must make a point to visit David's studio, since it's twice now I promised I would show up on its doorstep.

In fact, here is Niles lounging in the foreground of his studio (we're sure he's hard at work, regardless of relaxed pose) sorting out the intricate details of the Barco screen's complex control system. If you, too, see him on the streets of NYC, say hi.


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