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The rigging system of the Strand Theater in Lakewood, New Jersey was recently renovated by RDM Rigging of Pine Beach, New Jersey. Opened in 1922, the Strand Theater remains a popular center for plays, musicals and touring productions. As part of the rigging renovation, all the on stage circuitry and associated support structures were replaced. The new on stage lighting rig includes 18 feet of ProSpan box truss, 20 ProBurger couplers, three CM half-ton chain motors and a Skjonberg motor control system. The custom-designed on stage lighting system includes 150 stage circuits, using 59 custom ProCable assemblies as well as a 96 circuit custom multi-connector panel. Equipment was supplied by TMB.

“We had to design a complete system specific to the theater's needs,” says Rich DiMinno, of RDM Rigging. “It was conceived, designed, and installed in 30 days! Because of the fast turnaround required, we turned to TMB. Furthermore, the preliminary planning for the operation occurred while we were on another job in Hawaii, thus requiring phone calls at odd hours and lots of the hands-on assistance from TMB. Service was a particular consideration for this project.”

Funding for the renovation was provided by Lakewood Development Corporation, the theater's owners. RDM Rigging has been in business for 15 years and can be contacted at Information about the Strand Theater can be accessed at Learn more about the many innovative and exciting products and services from TMB at – offering friendly reliable service since 1983.

Strand Theater

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