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RC4 Wireless has moved to Raleigh, North Carolina

RC4 Wireless has moved to Raleigh, North Carolina

RC4 Wireless - since 1991

Raleigh, NC – RC4 Wireless, manufacturer of the acclaimed RC4Magic Wireless DMX and Dimming System, has relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. Just minutes from Research Triangle Park (RTP), RC4 Wireless has joined one of the most technology-savvy regions in North America, the silicon-valley of the east. RTP is home to Cisco, Dupont, Ericsson, IBM, and many other international tech leaders.

“We've been in business for 21 years,” notes James Smith, president of RC4, “and last year we were so busy with projects, designs, and the deadlines that go along with them, that I didn't realize it was our 20th year – a real milestone. Luckily, this month I did notice that we've moved.”RC4Magic Wireless Dimming and DMX System

Surrounded by unpacked boxes and disassembled furniture, Smith's veneer of humor does not entirely mask the scale of the shift his company has undertaken. The entire RC4 operation, including design, manufacturing, service, and administration, has moved nearly a thousand miles. While some employees have moved with the firm, other positions will be filled locally. A range of new subcontractors must fill their needs for everything from printed-circuit-board fabrication to brochure and check printing.

Why Raleigh? “My assistant, Aimee Wilson, and I spent months researching the best places in America to move to,” explains Smith. “I focused on objective criteria – small-business tax policy, cost of living, availability of technical supplies and services, and quality of schools for the kids. Aimee took a more subjective approach, investigating things like weather patterns, friendliness of the people, and options for entertainment and leisure. In the end, we both had Raleigh, North Carolina, in our top three. So there you have it – done deal!”

RC4 Wireless looks forward to many productive years in Raleigh. Already in the design pipeline are even smaller wireless dimmers (just two years ago not even Smith thought it would be possible), smartphone control of product features, additions to the DCdim64 and DCshow64 lines of high-density multichannel DC dimmer rack units, and new wireless motion systems.

The toll-free telephone number for RC4 Wireless, 866-258-4577, was out of service for several days, but should be back up and running by the time you read this. Their new address is:

RC4 Wireless

13604 Heathwood Court

Raleigh, NC, 27615


Toll Free 866-258-4577

mailto:[email protected]

The RC4 Wireless website remains the same, Their emergency technical support number has changed to 919-400-3961.

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