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Rackz Expands Its Credenza Range of Wood Finish 19 Inch Racks

Rackz Expands Its Credenza Range of Wood Finish 19 Inch Racks


Rackz, leading UK based 19 inch rack specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier, has expanded its range of stylish wood finish Credenza rack units which are being distributed worldwide via the Penn-Elcom network.

This is due to popular demand and the foresight of Rackz' Dave Roberts who spotted a gap appearing in the market led by changes in digital technology and the requirement for elements of home entertainment / smart-home systems to be combined into elegant integrated packages. These are also ideal for all commercial applications.

The Credenza range is a simple self-assembly product, designed for quick, efficient and stress-free set up … even for those challenged with DIY skills!

Says Roberts, "The idea is that anyone can assemble a Credenza rack even those with little or no practical experience - unlike some ‘self-assembly’ products which are accompanied by a brick-sized instruction manual that is completely incomprehensible!!”

Credenza racks fit together like LEGO and are stabilized by tightening eight screws. Job done!

The finishes currently available are Beech, Knotty Oak and Black Ash. Cool extras like smoked Plexiglass ‘barn door’ kits are available as an optional extra, adding a real flourish of sophistication.

The range is constantly expanding, and recent orders include some 600mm deep ‘specials’ which were produced to house a selection of office computers and file servers.

Other new Rackz products include an extension of the popular Sloping Console Top racks which now includes a new deeper 12U unit, which is also 600mm deep.

This follows the trend for leading audio manufacturers to increase their designs from 10 to 12U formats, and so far, the accompanying rack-mounts have been a big hit in the education installation sector in particular.

Dave Roberts comments, "The 19 inch racking market is constantly evolving and changing all the time, with an increasing crossover between the once separate areas of AV, IT and surveillance. As the world gets ‘smaller and smarter’ more and increasingly dynamic 19 inch rack solutions are required into which the relevant hardware can be fitted.

With so much commercial, industrial and domestic infrastructure now being computer controlled, he predicts that the demand for quality, innovative racking solutions will continue, especially with the on-going development for smart-homes and home-office working practices.

Rackz is part of the Penn-Elcom Group.

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