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ILAv2_6+2_SubsBehind Complete, turnkey line array system offers high performance,

ease of deployment, and affordability

COSTA MESA, CA, January 15, 2009—QSC has introduced its new ILA (Installation Line Array) v2 System. Representing the second generation design of the lightweight, compact line array, ILA v2 comes to end-users as a turnkey package including dedicated full-range and subwoofer loudspeaker components, processing, amplification, and suspension accessories. Ideally suited for nightclubs, ballrooms, performing arts facilities, houses of worship, or any other venue seeking premium sound and professional quality, ILA v2 is as accessible as it is affordable, asking little in terms of setup and deployment.

"One of the main reasons for developing ILA v2 is to make true line array performance accessible in a far broader range of applications," QSC VP of Marketing Gerry Tschetter says, explaining the underlying goal driving the product introduction. "Most line array systems today are manufactured for the touring sound market, which means that overall, system costs lie well beyond the means of many facilities that could gain direct benefits from the technology. By focusing on fixed installation needs with a molded enclosure and simplified rigging scheme, QSC has driven costs down while retaining the sound quality, coverage, and acoustic output of touring line array systems."

With ILA v2's SC28 system controller, setup by an expert using sophisticated acoustical measurement equipment isn't required. Offering simple preset recall processing built expressly to optimize ILA v2 and other QSC loudspeakers, the SC28 is easy to use, and offers audio quality so good that it's been included on major concert tours. Part of the power behind this combination of simplicity and performance is QSC's proprietary Intrinsic Correctionâ„¢ circuitry, which compensates for inherent transducer, waveguide magnitude, and time-based anomalies to produce performance marked with excellent power response, and natural, uncolored sound across its entire bandwidth and area of coverage.

With power provided by QSC's rugged and reliable RMX Series amplifiers, every ILA v2 system relies upon line array elements equipped with a pair of neodymium magnet, eight-inch diameter, low frequency drivers. While both of these woofers produce low frequencies, only one covers the midrange, thereby resulting in more uniform directivity in the crossover region. For high frequencies, a pair of 1.75-inch (voice coil diameter) neodymium compression drivers with titanium domes are mounted on a multiple aperture diffraction waveguide that provides extremely wide coverage (140º). As a result, an ILA v2 system will rarely require additional side or center fill speakers, and solid stereo imaging is preserved across the listening area.

An upgraded subwoofer—the WL118-sw—is also offered with ILA v2 systems. A single 18-inch version of QSC's GP218-sw touring subwoofer, the WL118-sw offers impressive punch and low frequency extension. Using only three RMX 5050 amplifiers and a single RMX 2450HD, a pair of ILA v2 arrays incorporating six full-range line array enclosures and a pair of subwoofers can easily be powered with ample headroom to burn.

Rigging for ILA v2 systems is simple, flexible and safe, providing a 10:1 design factor with twelve full-range cabinets in the array. Each array is assembled with included bolts. The relative angle between adjacent boxes is adjustable in 1º increments for precise tailoring of vertical coverage. For those preferring quick- release pins to the included bolts, an optional kit of four quick-release pins (QRP-KIT-1) is available.

ILA v2 subwoofers may be suspended at the top of an array using QSC's standard FP2082-i array frame. When trim height is limited, the subs may be suspended behind the array using an available extension bar (model EB2082-i). As an aid to determining the array position and box-to-box splay angles in any ILA v2 system, EASE Focus software can be downloaded free from QSC's website. For installations in which the subwoofers are groundstacked, the GP118-sw offers identical performance but omits the ILA v2-compatible suspension hardware.

QSC Audio Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal processing, digital signal transport, and computer control systems for professional audio markets worldwide. For more information, contact QSC Audio Products, Inc., 1675 MacArthur Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA. Phone: 800-854-4079 (USA only) or 714-754-6175. Fax: 714-754-6174. E-mail: [email protected], or visit


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