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Pyrotek Special Effects Supplies Pyro for Rush's Time Machine Tour

Pyrotek Special Effects Supplies Pyro for Rush's Time Machine Tour

rush-time-machine-1.jpgWorking on his third world Tour with Rush, Pyrotek Special Effects long time pyrotechnician, John Arrowsmith, worked with Ungerleider to accomplish the various effects, and specific cues throughout the show. “The Time Machine Tour includes more pyro then the previous Snake & Arrows Tour”, commented Arrowsmith. “Outside of the traditional pyrotechnic cues where effects are detonated to specific beats within the music many effects are utilized to coincide from a lyrical sense.

Cravan, a new track on Rush's fourth coming album called Clockwork Angels makes reference to fire and flares, this became an obvious synergy to implement such effects. Another new track BU2B (Brought Up 2 Believe), creates a steam punk gag and included eight cryogenic heads positioned upstage at various asymmetrical positions. In creating an eerie feeling for their titled song Witch Hunt, a fire burning look around the stage, resembling a witch hunt utilized the Dragon devices to create a low random flame setting, a proper fit for the song.rush-time-machine-2.jpg

For further information contact:

Jim Schorer

Pyrotek Special Effects Inc.

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