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Pyrotek Special Effects New Product

Pyrotek Special Effects New Product

pyrotek-special-effects-fire-screen-module-copy.jpgLas Vegas - When it comes to pushing the envelope with close proximity fire and custom gas effects, Pyrotek Special Effects Inc. always seems to have a new design up their sleeve to showcase to the industry. Recently, Doug Adams and his team at Pyrotek created a new gas effect called The Fire-Screen. The screen is a modular programmable pixel-based unit, which presents the ability to control various propane flame effects from high to moderate speeds. The fire screen systems allow users the capability of shooting a lazy flame bar or fire jets which, when in an all-on cue, can create a wall of fire up to eight feet tall. As well, the system can integrate various sized fire balls and flame columns. The screens can be custom-built and programmed to integrate various chase sequences and flame effects into all types of scenarios. Recently, over 100 feet of Fire-Screen has been used with such acts as the Jonas Brothers as well as the Trans Siberian Orchestra. It is designed as a rugged-constructed touring model, which can be integrated into a stage set in multiple configurations and mounted to trussing in a horizontal or vertical position. Each module is networked via Ethernet, DMX-controllable, fully programmable and uses propane to generate the flame effects.

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For further information contact: Jim Schorer Marketing Manager

Pyrotek Special Effects Inc.

P: +1 (905)-479-9991

F: +1 (905)-479-3515

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