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Pyrotechnicians excited about phoenix


The all new Phoenix heat resisting glove, designed and marketed by the Le Mark Group from Cambridgeshire, UK is going down a storm with Pyrotechnicians. The combination of advanced design, the clever use of Nomex®, Kevlar® and heat resisting leather offers both protection and dexterity to the user.

Phil Aitken, The Technical Sales and Production Manager of Highlight Pyrotechnics Ltd. was asked to evaluate the glove and stated “ We did a test with the gloves and portfire(professional one), which is used for firing fireworks displays. At first we did a small distant drop of burning ash which left almost no trace on the glove. The next test was a burning portfire positioned approximately 2cm from the glove, this left small spot holes on the top level of the material. We then did a direct burn on the leather which left a very small grey mark which was easy to clean off and has no trace of being there anymore. The final test was a direct burn onto the top material, this left discoloration and a burn hole. This was more than average “action” that a glove should see in any one show. In my opinion the glove is fantastic.”

Don't take Phil's word for it – come and see the fantastic Phoenix at LDI on Booth 357-they really are as good as he says!!

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