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PSG Inc. now using LIGHTCONVERSE visualization in its Montreal studio

PhantomShadow Group Inc. (PSG Inc.), in collaboration with LightConverse North America, has begun employing LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform software in its studio to create highly realistic pre-show visualization, efficiently streamlining the design process and saving hours (or days) of costly event programming and venue time for its roster of worldwide clients.

By building real-time ‘virtual' or 3D versions of the stage or space, lighting, video and set elements can be discussed and finalized well in advance of show time, thus eliminating potentially problematic event scenarios down the road.

PSG Inc., in business for over a decade, is a corporate event production and technical consultation company based in Montreal. For more information on its services, how it uses LIGHTCONVERSE for its high profile clientele and how it can help you, please visit:

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