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Prolyte Group’s Halo Glyph lights up London

Prolyte Group’s Halo Glyph lights up London

Master Chief, a character from the Halo 4 computer game, with a giant ‘UFO’ flying over Tower Bridge to mark it’s launch

Cinimod Studio in conjunction with Prolyte Group’s Special Projects Division, Litestructures, have delivered the most epic of public lighting installations to mark the highly anticipated launch of the “Halo 4” Xbox 360 game.

Agency AKQA (acting on behalf of Microsoft/Xbox) commissioned Cinimod Studio to create this spectacular illuminated structure – based on the “Halo 4” Glyph which would be one of the largest and brightest man-made structures to ever fly over a capital city.

Cinimod Studio turned to Litestructures to help bring their concept to life. The solution drew on Litestructures’ experience of creating ‘impossible’ structures using aluminum components. To fulfil the brief, a selection of proprietary products from the Prolyte range were specified, including the main structure frame created from a combination of S36R truss straights and custom corners. The innovative conical connection method (Conical Coupling System) offered a great level of accuracy and strength, whilst allowing the structure to flex with the forces applied to it. The cladding frames that held the LEDs in place were custom built to create the Glyph shape, whilst standard fixed half couplers were employed to connect these to the main structure. All bolted connections were made using specifically machined connections, to ward off vibrations, with main suspension cables between the helicopter and Glyph attached to reinforcing plates. In its entirety, the structure measured 50 feet in diameter, weighed over 3.2 tons and was illuminated by 20 KW of pure orange LED light. The system was designed and engineered by Litestructures, with analysis, to clarify that the structure could operate under the extreme parameters imposed.Halo 4 Glyph Tower Bridge

A prebuild was carried out in the LS-Live studio adjacent the Prolyte Products UK’s Wakefield base, where the initial programming of the LED system and test hang of the rigging were performed.

A team from Litestructures including Andy Field, James Chapman, Scott Joyce and Callum Abbey worked with the Cinimod Studio team to build the rig at a secret Thames side location prior to the launch. Claudia White, Cinimod Project Manager, said of the experience: “It's been an absolute pleasure working with Litestructures. It was such a great success, and fantastic us all working so well together to make it happen.”

Halo 4 Glyph SkylineSuper fans and spectators were treated to an epic aeronautical show as the Glyph flew over the River Thames, on the eve of the game’s launch, past some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks. Dynamic effects wowed crowds as they enjoyed the spectacle of one of the largest lighting art performances ever flown under a helicopter.

The Glyph flyover makes the seemingly impossible world of science fiction a reality, and the 50-foot symbol of the Didact hovering in the skies of London seemed a fitting way to herald the next chapter of this phenomenal franchise.

About Prolyte Group : A leading manufacturer of truss, roof systems, staging and custom structures - with facilities in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania and Malaysia - Prolyte Group offers bespoke solutions through its Litestructures and Brilliant Stages divisions.

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