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Prolight+Sound 2011 Rocks for Robe -  "Best Trade Show Ever"

Prolight+Sound 2011 Rocks for Robe - "Best Trade Show Ever"


Robe lighting enjoyed its best ever international trade show at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2011.

This was in all aspects of the event, which saw the Czech Republic based professional lighting manufacturer launch 5 innovative new products, experience an incredible number of visitors to the stand and take a record number of orders at the show from new and existing customers.

The buzz was further enhanced for Robe by holding its bi-annual International Distributor Conference (IDC) - also in Frankfurt - just before the exhibition. This was attended by over 200 people representing 80 companies and over 60 countries and regions worldwide, all of whom went into Prolight additionally motivated and inspired by the new products and technologies, and the huge dynamics shared among everyone in the Robe Family.

Robe's ROBIN 600 LEDWash fixture - it's fastest selling product since 1999 - again attracted massive interest and more orders - reaffirming its status as the best moving LED wash light currently available.

The superstar of the newly launched products was the fabulous ROBIN MMX Spot - the first in a new 'greener' more efficient generation of 1200 series luminaires. Such was the clamour around this luminaire, that all the pre-production models went from the booth at the end of the show, taken by specific distributors for demonstrating to their clients. There were also several major orders placed for the fixture at the show.

People were blown away by the dual rotating graphics wheels in the MMX Spot and its extreme brightness, which blasts 1200 fixtures out of the water giving an incredible 100,000 Lux at a 5 metre distance. Other key features include 2 rotating gobo wheels, a 5-facet rotating prism, an impressive zoom range of 8.5° - 46°, remote hot-spot control ...... and an incredible light weight of just 25.3 Kgs!

The ROBIN 600 Pure White was also enthusiastically received. It is a white LED version of the 600 LEDWash RGBW aimed at TV studios, automotive exhibitions and showrooms, fashion shows and all other applications needing a full range of white CTs and that can benefit from virtually zero heat emissions. For installations like studios, this can also represent a dramatic reduction in the amount of AC needed to keep the environment comfortable.

Says Robe's Sales Director Harry von den Stemmen, "The ROBIN 600 PureWhite is also the first fixture in a whole new series, and with it, we are only scratching the surface of potential applications for this technology". So .... watch this place for further developments!!!

The main booth worked extremely coherently in its location just across the aisle from that of German distributors LMP, which had a similar open plan design and continued a strong environmentally friendly theme triggered by Robe's green initiative "Think of the Future - Consider Nature". There was a constant flow of communication between the two companies, with the LMP sales team able to step on to the Robe booth and show their clients all the new products in action.

There was also a healthy contra-flow of Robe's sales, technical and marketing teams who took full advantage of LMP's Sausage Bar - happily enlightened with a veggie option on the menu - for sustenance, as the show was too busy and full-on for anyone at Robe to leave the booth long enough to visit other food outlets!

The ROBIN 600 PureWhite was also demonstrated in situ on another Robe stand in the entrance to Hall 11 of the Music Messe - with white versions of the fixture illuminating a white Toyota Auris HSD hybrid car, aligning the energy-conscious technologies, philosophies and future thinking of both brands.

With so many international distributors - and many of their key clients - present at the exhibition, Robe capitalised on the opportunities for after-hours social interaction, where the business of negotiations continued in an alternative context.

Robe's MD Josef Valchar concludes, "Frankfurt absolutely rocked for us in every way! We believe that we have absolutely the right products at the right time for the current market conditions and demands, and look forward to a proactive year of hard work and positive energy for sales, R'n'D .... and the future

For more press info. on Robe Lighting, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679/+44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. For more product and general info, check or call + 420 571 751 510.

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