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Production Intercom Goes To Washington

Production Intercom Goes To Washington


Production Intercom & Maryland Sound International (MSI)Attend Presidential Inauguration

Production Intercom is proud of their long-standing affiliation with MSI. Founded in 1966 to serve Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, MSI is known world wide as a company that assures quality sound, regardless of the obstacles.

When they were chosen again this year to provide professional audio services for the Presidential Inauguration, Production Intercom was there to help. While overcoming the usual RF restrictions in Washington is a given, the new restrictions caused by Digital Television added even more hurdles to jump.

Fortunately this year Production Intercom offered MSI a new product to add to their Intercom toolbox. The AD-Cat5 was used as a means to replace long runs of expensive Mic cable with cost efficient Cat5 cable. The AD-Cat5 also has the added value of utilizing existing and unused Cat5 cable for intercom use .

I think we would all agree that the Inauguration went off without a hitch. We also know that it only appears that way. Behind the scenes people like MSI constantly solve problems to give us the illusion that it is effortless.

This was very high profile event, and we are pleased to hear "Your gear worked extremely well. There were no problems with the Cat5 stuff. We ran up to 2000' and had no problems. That was really impressive! It worked flawlessly!" Robert Goldstein, President, Maryland Sound International.

Production Intercom is proud of our reputation as problem solvers for the problem solvers like MSI. That's why we will continue to have the largest selection of intercom toolbox products in the industry.

Congratulations to Maryland Sound International.

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