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Pro Light + Sound Frankfurt Wrap Up

Pro Light + Sound Frankfurt Wrap Up

After several days of walking the show floor in Frankfurt, missing a flight, and being delayed in Germany three (yes, three) additional days (how do you say in German "restricted ticket"), while most folks are breaking down booths or already home, I am still here. But that's okay. It gave me an extra day on the show floor, since I was planning to leave Friday morning, and I had the opportunity to experience an outdoor carnival yesterday, complete with a ride on a roller coaster and some really exhilarating, whirly, flying ride thing. Who knew having the biggest travel screw up of my life would end up in a day at the fair?

Lighting Hall at Pro Light + Sound

The Lighting Hall (Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH/ Petra Welzel)

Anyway, down to business. More new products launched at the show:

Robe launched several new products, including two moving light projectors, DigitalSpot 3000 DT and DigitalSpot 7000 DT, the DreamBox multifuncional tool box with two DMX ports and one USB port, and several LED products using RED (Robe Emitting Diode) technology: REDWash 3-192, REDPar 3-84, and REDLine 3-48. New power and control products accompany the new RED family of products.

Two new Edirol video products were introduced: the V-8, eight-channel video mixer and the P-10 visual presenter, both targeted to houses of worship, schools, small corporate AV companies, and VJ/nightclub applications. The US debut of these products will take place at the REMIX Hotel in Miami, March 27 to 30.

Meyer Sound released the self-powered UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeaker, an addition to the UltraSeries™ family, for theatrical, nightclub, house of worship, and corporate AV applications.

Clay Paky launched Alpha Beam 300, an alternative to a PAR 64 ACL, with a concentrated beam and designed especially for long throw applications, such as concerts.

Pro Stage

The Pro Stage at Pro Light + Sound (Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition/Jochen Günther)

Enfis showed its recently launched Quatrro Mini high-power LED multi-watt, plug-and-play light engine. The spot source packs up to160W of power into a 2x2cm array.

Nexo showed the GEO S1230 and GEO S1210, the newest additions to the GEO S Series of tangent-array loudspeakers, designed for fixed and portable installations. The company also released NXAMP powered TDcontrollers for high-powered amplification in fixed and mobile applications, as well as the RS 15 (the first in the patent-pending RS--RAY SUB--Series), a low-profile high-output, modular, scalable bass cabinet that can operate in both omni-directional and cardioid modes.

Visual Productions showed its VisualDMX lighting control software and a new version of VisualTouch touchscreen user interface, as well as introduced a new series of DIN Rail products, including GPI (General Purpose Input), GPO (General Purpose Output), and a DMX splitter. Also new is Frontier, a 19" rack-mountable interface and standalone replay unit for preprogrammed lighting sequences in fixed installations. The company's Canvix dedicated matrix controller was also on display with new features.

d&b audiotechnik exhibited its E-Series of loudspeakers, the E8, E12 and E12-D, designed for use as standalone full-range loudspeakers that can also be integrated into larger systems.

High End Systems gave away a Road Hog Full Boar and Playback Wing, drawing the winning name, Denis Hessberger with tech support at German Light Products, live at the High End/Arcus booth. Hessberger admits he "almost didn't fill out the form, since I've never won anything in my life, but my friend told me I might just get lucky this time." It was the day before his 21st birthday.


Winner Denis Hessberger at the High End Booth.

Chauvet presented its LED-Fitted MiN™ Spot & Wash products, launched at LDI last year, for the first time to the European community, as well as its full range of lighting and control products.

Sennheiser launched the SR 350 IEM G2 twin transmitter for in ear monitoring, with up to 100 mW of power. The company also continues its contest for a new "sound logo," and while musicians are submitting entries, the judges were announced in Frankfurt: Paul Sandweiss, sound designer from the US; Jon Thornton, head of Sound Technology at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts; Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser, chairman of the Supervisory Board; and Susanne Seidel, president of Global Marketing at Sennheiser. A fifth judge will be added as a result of online voting.

Exhibiting under the DMXSoft banner were Sunlite, Lumidesk, and Daslight, all showing the lastest versions of software and interfaces.

ADB Lighting Technologies previewed Eurodim Twin Tech, allowing sine wave dimmer modules to be combined with thyristor dimmer modules in a single cabinet. Also previewed by the company was Mikado, the first in a new series of five lighting consoles for for small to mid-sized stage applications.

Osram exhibited the new Kreios LED module for film and television applications. Other new products featured included Xstage, an short arc lamp for architectural and event lighting, and Lok-it! lamp base and holder system for halogen and high-pressure discharge lamps.

Wireless Solution Sweden AB, exhibited its full line of Generation3 W-DMX™ products, including the debut of W-DMX™ Configurator, with a PC application and a USB interface for access to Wi-FiCompanion modes and other features like output power settings. The product's US debut will be later this week at USITT in Houston.

For additional products, read my show preview here:

To read about my day with MA Lighting during Pro Light + Sound, click here.

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