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Prism Projection Launches the Third Generation RevEAL Studio.3 LED Fresnel

Prism Projection Launches the Third Generation RevEAL Studio.3 LED Fresnel

Prism Projection announces the launch of the third generation of their popular Studio LED fixture. The RevEAL Studio.3 Fresnel works just like a traditional Fresnel with standard barn doors to shape the beam, produces more lumens of light, and has a wider zoom range. Prism Projection

Building on the previous generations of the RevEAL Studio and responding to the feedback of lighting designers, Prism has expanded the feature set of the Studio.3 LED Fresnel to make it a true replacement for a comparable tungsten fixture. The Studio.3 produces 9,700 lumens; has a tunable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2,700-8,000K; enhanced white +/- correction; and a spot to flood range of 10°-90°. All produced by the energy efficient and long lasting solid-state Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) paired with Prism's proprietary TrueSource® control algorithms and projection optics.

As more designers look to replace traditional units with LED fixtures, perhaps the most significant improvements found in the Studio.3 Fresnel are the ability to get clean cuts with standard barn doors and a wider range of beam angle adjustment—from a very narrow 10° to an extra wide 90°. The Studio.3 uses a manual zoom focus mechanism to smoothly and easily go from spot to flood. “We've engineered the source optics to enable the Studio.3 to work with barn doors as well as allow for the tighter spot and actually increase the lumen output,” explains Garrett Young, Founder and President of Prism Projection. “Both the color-changing Studio.1 and Studio.2 will still be available in the Prism RevEAL line alongside the Studio.3, giving people the choice of the right tool for their particular application.” Recently, KCET (Los Angeles) and UTTV (San Diego) television stations have chosen the RevEAL Studio.3 and Profile luminaires for their LED lighting upgrades. 

The Studio.3 reacts to the cuts and shaping of barn doors the same as a conventional Fresnel fixture and is the same form factor as a traditional 8” Fresnel. With a total power draw of 200-watts, the Studio.3 is comparable to a 2kW Fresnel with a tungsten source. “We wanted to give lighting designers the ability to use our products in a similar manner that they are used to working,” says Young.

The RevEAL Studio.3 produces very clean, tunable white light with a CRI above 93. Understanding that it is essential to accurately, reliably, and consistently produce true color rendition, Prism's TrueSource technology unlocks the potential of LEDs with real-time color calibration, providing a lighting instrument of exceptional utility and quality previously only approached by conventional sources.

The innovative TrueSource color management and real-time calibration system allow the Prism products, unlike many comparable LED units on the market, to deliver exact color over the entire life of the luminaire. Young explains, “When a customer invests in high quality LED lighting it is essential that the performance is consistent between instruments and no color shift occurs over time. TrueSource guarantees that.”

With the Studio.3, designers have a variety of ways to control the light in the manner that best suits their working style. Via local, DMX, or Ethernet controls, the user can control the color, CCT, intensity, and the magenta/green output of white light to match other sources.

Once again, Prism has brought to market a cutting edge unit that responds to the needs of designers while also advancing the applications of LED technology with the launch of the RevEAL Studio.3 LED Fresnel.

For more information about Prism Projection, Inc. and its RevEAL series products, please go to:

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