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PRG Mbox Studio Now Available for Purchase

PRG Mbox Studio Now Available for Purchase

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) is pleased to announce that Mbox® Studio, a software-only media server application, is now available for purchase. A compact version of the popular Mbox media server, this product can be easily installed and operated on a user supplied Intel-based Apple Mac® computer (Intel processor, OSX 10.6.7 and higher). mbox-studio-icon_512×512.jpg

Mbox Studio, with fewer parameters and less complex operations, offers substantial functionality and versatility. It operates identically to the full Mbox in both movie playback, effects, and in transition functions. Designed primarily for playback of SD content, it can also handle HD content. It offers eight playback layers and a fully functional pixel mapping toolset. A free demo content library, available as a separate download, can be used as a starting point for content creation with Mbox Studio.

Mbox Studio Version 3.6 is the first public release of the Mbox Studio software and retails for an affordable $999.00. Users of Mbox Studio may also download Mbox Director, a graphical user interface (GUI) control application, at no charge. Director provides control of all aspects of Mbox Studio content and playback directly, eliminating the requirement for a lighting control console. Alternatively, a moving light console can be used to control Mbox Studio and fixture profiles exist for popular consoles.

To purchase Mbox Studio, please visit:

For more information about PRG, please visit

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