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PRG Distribution hosts a range of products at LDI 2009

Dallas, TX—November 17, 2008—PRG Distribution will host three booths (650, 745 and 759) at LDI 2009, exhibiting a wide range of exciting new products. Entertainment technology manufacturers represented include arKaos, ChamSys, Clay Paky, Fog Factory, PowerQuick, RetroScent and Spotlesslight. The PRG Distribution booths at LDI offer a great opportunity to see cutting edge technology and learn about the team offering one of the highest levels of after-sales service in the industry.

Here is an overview of the three PRG Distribution booths at LDI 2009.

Booth #650 PRG Distribution with Clay Paky S.p.A

PRG Distribution is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Clay Paky products in North America. At LDI2009, Clay Paky and PRG DNA will be showing the newest of Alpha Series fixtures—including the full range of Alpha 1500; Alpha 700; and Alpha 300 luminaires. Also on display will be two moving mirror luminaires from Clay Paky—the StageScan 1200 and Golden Scan 4.

Booth #745 PRG Distribution with ChamSys Ltd and ArKaos

PRG Distribution continues its long relationship with lighting console manufacturer ChamSys and will be showing the ChamSys MagicQ series of consoles—MQ300 Pro, MQ 200 Pro, MQ100 Pro, Playback Wing, Execute Wing and PC Solutions.

A new addition in the product lineup is ArKaos media software and servers that will be integrated with the ChamSys control. On display will be the A05 SD and A10HD media servers using the new Media Master 1.1 media software. The A10 handles smooth playback of eight simultaneous SD layers, six HD layers (720p) or three full HD layers (1080p) all at full FPS. The A05 is the light version of the A10, allowing performance at a reduced price. The A05 is designed for setups that do not necessarily need high definition resolutions (up to 1280 x 1024).

Booth #759 Spotlesslight, RetroScent, PowerQuick, Gekko Technology and Nila

Spotlesslight®, an interactive projection system for live entertainment applications, will be demonstrating their new version of Lightwarper® and launching a new concept in interactive projection called Theater-in-a-Boxâ„¢. This allows designers to create a digital followspot, stream video from a media server or live camera mapping that content on or around performers and project special effects mapped onto three different spatial layers.

RetroScent, a fragrance machine manufacturer, will show the Classic Fragrance Machine, which allows for control of output and dispersion of a given fragrance. They produce a range of aromas and fragrances for retail and entertainment applications.

PowerQuick, a self-ascension manufacturer, will demonstrate the PQ500 self-ascender.

Gekko Technology designs and manufactures LED lighting products for the film, television, photographic and entertainment industries. Gekko's range of products and accessories include ring light systems and a versatile system of LED blocks with a choice of drive and control solutions including wired and wireless remote control, DMX control and numerous accessories.

The Nila Lighting System, manufactured by Nila, is a modular solid-state light designed for film and television lighting applications. It is designed to be rugged and durable enough to stand up to the rigors of location shooting and is weather resistant.

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About PRG Distribution North America

—PRG Distribution distributes entertainment technology product lines from leading global manufacturers to dealers in North America, Europe and Asia. PRG Distribution North America stocks and distributes these products and parts from a dedicated warehouse in Dallas, Texas to dealers across the US and Canada.

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