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PRG Debuts Gekko's kezia™ LED Fixtures at NAB

PRG Debuts Gekko's kezia™ LED Fixtures at NAB

kezia-light-at-nab-2010-049.jpgLos Angeles, CA—Production Resource Group (PRG) launched the Gekko Technology keziaâ„¢ range of LED spot luminaires at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas in April. PRG is the US distributor for Gekko Technology, a world leader in LED lighting systems for film and television. “We had strong interest in the Gekko equipment range from attendees at the 2010 NAB convention in Las Vegas,” says Brian Edwards, General Manager of PRG's Los Angeles office. “The kezia received very positive reactions. Our clients, in both television and film, are very interested in maintaining high quality in their lighting as well as reducing energy consumption and the Gekko range of luminaires meets their energy needs while maintaining the desired color temperature required for proper imaging.”

The kezia, available in two models, are hard-source LED spot luminaires that offer high quality, tunable white light which eliminates the need for color correction required by other LED sources and significantly reduces the power required for lighting. The kezia unit uses Gekko's kleer colour® LED array optimized for film and video image capture, with color temperature presets calibrated at 2,900K, 3,200K, 5,600K and 6,500K. It incorporates Gekko's color-feedback system, which ensures consistent color temperature as ambient conditions change and as the unit ages. Unlike other lighting products, the color temperature remains constant as the light is dimmed. It also ensures that you will get the same consistent white light every time, even when using numerous kezia units.

The kezia are much more efficient than tungsten fixtures. The kezia 50 is equivalent to a 250W tungsten unit but it consumes only 50W of power; and the kezia 200 is comparable to a 1000W tungsten unit but it consumes less than 200W. Operating with a fraction of the power required by traditional lighting, kezia also produces significantly less heat and has no requirement for color correction filters. Interchangeable lenses allow either luminaire to be operated in fixed-focus mode with 20º, 60º or 80º beam angles. Unlike wash fixtures that use LEDs, the kezia spot luminaires can be accurately cut with barn doors, just like a standard tungsten light. The kezia 50 and 200 hard-source LED spot fixtures are both operable under local or DMX control.

“Our LED lighting systems deliver a uniquely powerful combination of creative freedom, accurate color temperature control and energy efficiency,” said David Amphlett, Managing Director of the UK-based Gekko Technology. “At NAB, what impressed visitors most about the Gekko products was our ability to achieve exactly the effects they require, quickly and reliably. Our systems can achieve extremely accurate color within the white spectrum and dynamic color effects that lighting directors find exciting and very usable.”

In addition, the Gekko karesslite® 6006 and karesslite 6012 Dual (daylight/tungsten switchable version) were also on display in the PRG booth. The karesslite 6012 is based on a 6x12 emitter measuring 23.6”x11.8” while the karesslite 6006 incorporates a 6x6 emitter array measuring 11.8”x11.8”. Power consumption is correspondingly halved to 40W, allowing more than three hours of continuous operation from a single rear-mountable V-Lock battery. The karesslite 6006 can be used as a single soft light source or combined with additional karesslites into a larger multiple light source. Available as daylight or tungsten, the fixture has on-board dimming as well as built-in DMX.

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About Gekko Technology Ltd.—Gekko Technology designs and manufactures LED lighting products for the global film, television and photographic industry. Gekko is committed to supporting users with innovative products, including unique functionality and the advantages of minimal weight, low power consumption and long life. High component quality and build quality are key drivers. Gekko Technology products include kisslite®, lenslite®, kicklite® and georgeâ„¢. Credits include Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Death Defying Acts, Mamma Mia, Golden Compass and television drama such as Desperate Housewives, Waking the Dead, New Tricks and The Commander.

About Production Resource Group—Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) is the world's leading supplier of entertainment and event technology to a wide range of markets, including corporate and automotive events, concerts, special events, theatre, television and film, trade shows, and installations, such as theme parks, museums, retail stores and performing arts centers. PRG provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging, staging, and scenery and automation systems for these markets from more than 31 offices in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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