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PRG Blossoms with New Nova-Flower 2Ks

PRG Blossoms with New Nova-Flower 2Ks


PRG Europe has invested in 8 of the new Novalight Nova-Flower 2K flower effects for its rental stock, which have been supplied to the Birmingham and London, UK based company by Lightfactor Sales, Novalight's exclusive UK distributor.

The deal was completed between PRG's Paul Weaver and Lightfactor's Peter Coles. It builds on PRG's previous purchases of Novalight High Grounds in 2006, for the Robbie Williams "Close Encounters" world tour, followed by their original 1.2K Nova-Flowers, supplied by Lightfactor in 2007.

The Nova-Flower 2K offers all the features and functionality of the 1.2K version with substantially more power and punch.

Nova-Flower is a unique effect and ideal for high-impact and dramatic back-lighting and for the silhouetting of performers. It is also the first fully programmable moving yoke ‘flower effect' with DMX controllable pan, tilt, colour and shutter, plus other standard features. It has CMY mixing, a rotating reflector (in both directions), pan/tilt and remote lamp re-strike.

For rapid rigging onto a truss, it is trolley mounted. The units can also be used in stand alone mode programmed via the display buttons on its base. It has a weather-resistant IP 43 rating.

"The Nova-Flower concept has really moved the dynamic 'dominator' style effects luminaire along in terms of technology and usability," says Weaver, "It's a real multi-user instrument with huge flexibility". He adds that with PRG's 1.2K Nova-Flowers working so extensively on such a wide range of shows and events, the time was right to make the 2Ks available - as they know they will be spec'd on plenty of shows.

In addition to being used on a plethora of tours, PRG's Nova-Flowers have also become popular for visually engaging TV shows - making recent appearances on the Dancing on Ice, X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent" TV series' (LD Dave Davey) as well as the Dancing On Ice Live arena tour (LD Durham Marenghi).

Lightfactor's Peter Coles says, "It's great that leading rental companies like PRG are investing in the Novalight brand and can see its potential. I am confident that the Nova-Flower 2K will follow the success of the 1.2K version and its counterpart, the 2,000W moving yoke High-Ground searchlight effect fixture as Novalight becomes increasingly established as a quality product with unique applications."

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