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PR Lighting And Pride of The Nation

PR Lighting And Pride of The Nation

Broadcast by Belarus' Second National TV channel, Pride of the Nation is one of a number of programmes — shot in outside locations with a studio audience — which are lit by Ilya Piatrouski and his team from Blackout Studio.


“For programmes where scenic and show lighting are required, we are brought into create the design,” he says. “Blackout has a good reputation with TV stations as we are able to provide a good design solution at a fair price.”

To meet these criteria Ilya frequently turns to the PR Lighting catalogue, distributed in Belarus by FE-Belimlight — knowing that he can fulfill all his design requirements.

“The reason I choose PR Lighting is because of their excellent gobos and high brightness, with the opportunity to have a large number of fixtures on my rig.” He notes that they are also ultra-quiet in operation.

As for Pride of the Nation, this is a programme in which a guest tells his story about forging success from humble backgrounds before a discussion on the subject, conducted between a panel of experts and the audience.

Recorded at Minsk Sports Palace, Piatrouski used no fewer than 44 PR lighting XL 1500 spots, seven PR lighting XL 700 spots, 14 PR Lighting XL 700 wash — along with some LED pixel battens.

“We created an eye-catching backlight with 36 of the XL1500's projecting artistic gobos, with the remainder of the fixtures used as decoration and to light the audience.”

There are three main phases to the show – introduction, discussion and final conclusion — each requiring its own dedicated colour scene. The principle goal was to create a good-looking static view during the discussion element, Piatrouski explained.

The PR Lighting fixtures performed flawlessly, he said. “The Wholehog 3 desk, which we ran the show from, has good and precise libraries for all PR Lighting XL series fixtures — and it's a pleasure to work with that desk and fixture combination.

“This show now has good ratings, and so there is to be a new season, starting in January.”

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