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Post-Show Thoughts

Wow! It's over. I wish I could say that it just flew by, but it was so many months in the making for us at Live Design, that I can't even remember what day it is at the moment.

Anyway, a few folks I meant to mention during the show, but if you've been on here, you might have noticed that my onsite blogging time equaled zero, what with our time spent on putting out the first ever LDI Show Daily each day.

So here are some folks worth mentioning, and more will follow in the pages of Live Design in our monthly product news...

Special Mine Services manufactures electrical connectors with ampacities from milliamps up to 500 amps. This year, they introduced the Boot Entertainment Cam Style Connector for cable sizes #6 up to 4/0 W cable.

A.C. Lighting Ltd held a major online competition to win a Jands Vista S3 lighting control system and bonus Vista prize draw at the tradeshow. The competition coincided with the launch of the new Vista S3 and Vista App hardware and software solutions. In addition, there was a bonus prize draw to win a 512-channel Vista control system. I was not present for the drawing, so I'll have to get back to you all on the winners.

Ribbonlift Acquisition Inc., designer and manufacturer of the patented Ribbonlift positioning system, announced that it has changed its name to Actua Systems Inc. Ribbonlift Acquisition, a subsidiary of Imagility Inc., had purchased the assets of the Ribbonlift business in May of 2006. The company introduced a new DMX-compatible Ribbonlift at LDI. The proprietary technology utilizes three steel ribbons that “zip” together to form a column. The design gives Ribbonlift products the maximum extension possible from an extremely compact form factor. The result is a lift that offers unprecedented portability and versatility for positioning lights, cameras, projectors, screens, set elements, and other live-event applications. The Ribbonlift‘s unique look and functionality make it ideal for stage use.

ETC showed off two new consoles (Eos and Congo jr.). I was lucky enough to get a preview when I visited ETC‘s headquarters in Madison, WI just a few week ago, but check them out for yourselves firsthand. The Eos console also won an LDI Best Debuting Product Award in the lighting category (along with Wybron's new InfoTrace system). ETC also exhibited the new Pharos AVC.

Creative Stage Lighting currently has equipment out on tour with Third Day and moe. The company is also on tour with Celtic Woman in Japan and has provided lighting equipment for Garth Fagan Dance, TransWorld Entertainment‘s annual conference, The Disco Biscuits‘ Camp Bisco V Festival, and Yellowcard. In addition, the company has also added the following gear to its rental inventory: Sanyo 10k Projectors, High End Systems Color Pro FXs, Martin MAC 2000 Profile II Electronics, LeMaitre Low Smoke Generator Fogger,

8'x33' Soft LED High Resolution Curtain Panels with Fiber Optics, High End Catalyst Pro V4, Tomcat 10' Black Swingwing Trusses, MA Lighting grandMA Light console, 25'x30' Encore Backdrops, and High End Systems Color Commands.

Digidesign was outside at ET Live showing off D-Show Profile. It‘s a compact version of the D-Show flagship console/controller in its VENUE line of live mixers. D-Show Profile is compatible with all existing VENUE hardware and software, including existing stage and FOH racks for connecting to Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools LE systems via a hardware option--allowing seamless recording and/or playback of sound effects, pre-recorded tracks, music beds, etc. It also offers expanded show control options with the new General Purpose Interface (GPI). Its eight GPI inputs/outputs allow D-Show Profile to send or respond to external equipment via simple switch closures for automation cues, etc. With the new Event List feature in D-Show 2.5, users can build and customize macros that enable the console to perform multiple functions with a single button push, footswitch press or fader movement.

Professional Wireless Systems, who received an LDI Product of the Year Award in the sound category, also introduced the PWS Intermodulation Analysis System (IAS). The system was designed by leading RF expert/software developer Jason Eskew to quickly resolve frequency coordination issues for concert, corporate, sports and broadcast event installs. PWS general manager Carl Cordes reports that the recently completed IAS 4.4 system enables RF technicians to save valuable setup time by combining a database of wireless performance equipment from any manufacturer.

Well, that's all for now. You'll be hearing more about the great products from the show in the pages of Live Design in the coming months in our product news. Thanks to everyone for what seems to have been the best LDI show to date! Now, get some rest and start all that follow-up!

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