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Post-LDI Two Cents

It seems a productive LDI was had by all. Sunday hangovers and crankiness aside, impressions were positive all around, and our new little venture, the new Live Design magazine, website, blog, and enewswire, was received overwhelmingly well.

Word on the show floor from many exhibitors was that traffic seemed good but more importantly, visitors to booths were working on projects and ready to spec gear--“quality leads,” as Graham Likeness of Pathway Connectivity described during load out.

Our two distinct panels of judges for the product awards and booth awards remained unscathed by post-award comments, not that there weren‘t questions for the editorial staff, as there always are. It is, however, difficult to argue with some of the most preeminent designers and inventors in the business. That‘s why we appoint two independent panels for this sort of thing--to keep it fair and unbiased.

And for those who have inquired, the wine has remained intact on the bright yellow suit. Many thanks to David Johnson for his participation.

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