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Portugal's TEMPO Picks Clancy!

Portugal's TEMPO Picks Clancy!

PowerLifts in Portugal

Syracuse, NY— The decision to buy an automated rigging system was easy for the TEMPO theatre in Portimao, Portugal. Selecting the right manufacturer, however, posed a greater challenge: The technical staff had heard many rumors—and some pretty scary stories—about various systems' reliability and capabilities, but had no hard information to help them make a good decision.

To get real facts, TEMPO's technical staff came to the US to visit actual installations, talk to users, and get hands-on experience with the equipment. Their experiences led them to choose PowerLifts automated hoists and a SceneControl 500 control system, both manufactured by J. R. Clancy, Inc.

TEMPO's technical staff members knew the theatre needed a 33-hoist system, and that the system needed a console that could move several pieces at different speeds and with different targets in a single cue. The console would need two playbacks, so that two actions could be controlled independently—both things that can be done easily with counterweight rigging. Many of the consoles they examined could not meet these simple requirements.

After visiting an American theatre and working with the Clancy SceneControl 500, the TEMPO staff knew that this controller would meet their needs. Not only would they enjoy the SceneControl's flexibility and ease of use, but also found the controller's high-reliability PLC software especially reassuring, both for its safety and its dependable motion control.

The SceneControl 500 console and 33 PowerLift hoists were installed in the Tempo theatre in spring 2009. Installation and local support were provided by ADT Fire & Security (a Tyco International Company). ADT/Tyco has been installing and maintaining rigging systems for more than 20 years.

Charlie Shatzkin, Clancy's international sales manager, hosted the TEMPO staff's visit to the US. “The demonstrations and the time they spent getting hands-on experience with the system really gave the customers a solid feel about us,” he said, “as well as our dealer's ability to install the project correctly and to provide after-sales service. It sealed the deal.”

More information about J. R. Clancy is available at, or by calling (800) 836-1885.

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