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PLASA ended Wednesday, and I returned home to New York yesterday afternoon and slept 13 hours last night. Ah, trade shows! A final few more product and booth mentions before ending the PLASA blogging saga (does that make it a PLASA blaga?)…

Green Hippo had probably the most entertaining booth at the show, completely covered in a thicker jungle than ever, with their take on Ardman Animation's Creature Comforts, that features user interviews in the form animated critters. For example, production manager Ola Melzig was recreated as a tiger while Hippo's James Heron interviewed him in the form of a lion…sort of hard to describe unless you actually see it. Check it out it LDI, as it will be a similar set up.

In addition to its BlackBox, Cast also previewed R23 (release 23) of wysiwyg with a raft of new features, including the ability to display shadows correctly, new fixture point-of-view features, and time of day rendering, among others.

We got a preview from City Theatrical of the new iWBlast TR TV/film kit that packages three of the white LED fixtures with mounting brackets and accessories including a controller and power supply, louver and barn door, a variety of lenses, and a case.

PRG was doing demos of the new Bad Boy luminaire, packing 48,000 lumens in a 1,200W CMY fixture with servo motors. The company also has a new console, the V676, poised to be ready for early 2009 shipping.

HME showed the new WS200 speaker station, and John Kowalski says he'll have that new product and more at LDI.

Look for more detail on all these new products in the October and November issues of Live Design.

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