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PLASA Hits the Spot for GLP & G-LEC

PLASA Hits the Spot for GLP & G-LEC

Mark Ravenhill with the new impression Spot One GLP and G-LEC used their imposing stand, located right inside the main entrance at London's Earls Court, to whet the appetite of PLASA Show visitors. The two market leaders revealed a new benchmark in LED lighting — both in video pixel walls and the developed optical paths of high-output production spots and washes.

As the growing family of GLP impression fixtures continues to become the de facto standard in touring and television production inventories, it was the G-LEC displays that provided the immediate eye-catchers.

Pride of place went to the new member of the Phantom range. The Phantom 15 (15mm pixel pitch) is 100% integratable with the Phantom 30 large format, high brightness LED display (with 30mm pixel pitch) and the Phantom 60, as all share the same software platform. Billed as the most transparent LED video systems available, the frames can be easily connected together regardless of resolution using the famous patented quick lock system.

Also sharing the same operating platform (to ensure total integration), was the Solaris+. This is a hanging LED video curtain — comprising 40mm diameter spheres on a flexible line. With their white opaque diffusers (and 120mm spacing) they provided a brilliant 360° viewing angle using G-LEC's video distribution and drive technology.

Over the past year GLP has developed impression heads such as the impression 90, 120 RZ and 300 RZ zooms, the Volkslicht, and the innovative Meisterstuck — but at PLASA all the interest was in their new impression Spot one (RGB LED Spot) – the first of its kind.

The ability to harness the output of sufficient LED sources, and run them through the optical system of a spot fixture to create an even beam for color mixing (at the same time achieving a focusable area for gobo projections) has been at the top of designer's wish lists since LED became a viable source for entertainment lighting. With the Spot one, the designer's wish has come true.

“This was acknowledged straight away,” said GLP business director, Kasper Gissel. “Stand visitors remarked on the brightness and rich colors and the fact that we have put two rotating gobo wheels, animation wheel, prism and iris into an LED spot. This makes it unique in the marketplace.”

And Mark Ravenhill, GLP's Director of Key Global Players, confirmed, “The reaction to the Spot one was brilliant; people were just amazed that we have now harnessed LED technology to the point where we have such a high output fixture with sharp optical performance and a great feature set. A few times when showing it, I caught people standing there open mouthed in amazement, which is just a wonderful compliment.”

The result was one of GLP's most successful PLASA shows ever. In summary, Kasper Gissel stated, “Our aim is to be one of the leaders in LED technology —both with lights and video — and it is nice to hear that we are on the right track.”

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