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The PLASA Award for Innovation goes to LumenRadio´s CRMX…again!

LumenRadio was awarded their second consecutive PLASA Innovation Award, this time for CRMX Nova Flex. LumenRadio is the first new company to receive the Award two years in a row. The PLASA jury gave high praise for LumenRadio´s latest innovation:

“CRMX Nova Flex impressed the judges for its ability to act as a complete cross-protocol wireless lighting control system. It was also noted for its recent use of RDM in an architectural application, giving feedback from external sensors - thereby providing an energy efficient outdoor lighting solution”.

For the first time on market, CRMX Nova Flex offers complete compatibility between all supported proto¬cols. The user can input any protocol into the transmitter and receive any protocol from the receiver. CRMX Nova Flex can also be configured by the user to function as either a transmitter or receiver.

“We are the first new company to receive the Award two years in a row, which shows that our technology is years ahead of competing wireless lighting controls. We are experiencing strong growth with increased sales and we are expanding our sales and support staff to meet the increased demand”, says Per Hulthén, CEO of LumenRadio.

The interest for CRMX technology during the PLASA Show 2010 was tremendous.

“The response we received at PLASA was overwhelming. Especially welcome was CRMX Nova Flex's ability to distribute Ethernet protocols such as Streaming ACN, ETCNet, ShowNet and Art-Net wirelessly all the way to the fixture or media server", elaborates Anders ArdstÃ¥l, VP of Operations at LumenRadio.

About LumenRadio

LumenRadio develops and markets next generation state-of-the-art wireless technology for the lighting industry. LumenRadio's CRMX is the most dependable wireless system on the market and is the only one to offer Automated Cognitive Coexistence. CRMX continuously and automatically adapts to the surrounding wireless environment, to never disturb or be disturbed by other wireless systems. LumenRadio offers a com¬plete product portfolio of wireless lighting controls utilizing DMX, RDM, DALI, ArtNet, Streaming ACN, and other control and building management protocols for indoor, outdoor, and fixed installation markets world-wide. For more information about LumenRadio and CRMX products, please go to

Jessica Björk

Marketing Manager

[email protected]

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